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Holistic entrepreneurs: Professional assistance marketing your business

Heather Tapia
Heather Tapia
Doug Gouty

Holistic health, spiritual counselors, and other alternative practitioners have a common passion for helping others, but like many entrepreneurs, they often need help in promoting their business. In Columbus, Heather L. Tapia - Prosperity Advisor and founder of Abundance Marketing Pro offers expertise for business owners who desire assistance in reaching their goals from someone who also understands the importance of energy and beliefs in living a life of wholeness.

Tapia has over 18 years experience as a sales leader in a variety of industries which has been of value to her in working with a diverse range of business owners to accelerate their profitability and reach the entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to help others. Tapia states, “My passion for spirituality started at a young age as did my love of science and learning.”

Abundance Marketing Pro offers customized, personal consulting for individual situations, which could a combination of face- 2-face, event planning, web system set up and access to her team of experienced professionals. Tapia has also developed a simplified system to support a business owner in prospecting, SEO, client management and taking the guess work out of social media. She ranks among the few people to have access to a revolutionary new marketing tool which utilizes a mobile media platform to obtain ‘real time’ leads and send immediate promotional messages.

Tapia’s credentials in psychology, consulting, life coaching and business set her apart from other business consultants. She addresses the hidden fear-based belief systems behind what a person wants in their current reality, as well as helps them identify and release them. This technique- Energy Business then frees the individual to receive a renewed inspiration for their business and goals. Also addressed are any fear attachments to money, potentially blocking prosperity. Claims Tapia, “Once released, a steady stream of revenue can be achieved creating the Flow of Currency.”

In Tapia’s own words regarding her business, “I love empowering other entrepreneurs to monetize their passion like I have and reach their dreams. I am here to be of service to the community, support those who want support and offer a positive perspective on a sometimes clouded vision. It is time to work with each other in this wonderful co-creative society and realize you are not alone. You deserve everything you are asking to receive; sometimes a little focused support makes all of the difference. I only attract those individuals who are ready to acknowledge their greatness and receive the abundance we all deserve.”

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