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Holistic Dentistry new trend you don’t have to be afraid any more

There’s more to your teeth than just keeping them white for aesthetic purposes. If you haven’t been to the dentist for a while out of fear you may be surprised at what is going on in there. Dentistry as in holistic dentist is about taking care of the whole patient as a means of taking the best holistic care of the teeth. Mercury fillings are not used anymore and drill-free fillings are being used.

Your now have a choice A high quality type of ceramic is used now for filling teeth. Less radiation is used because the old standard X-rays are not being used any more. Holistic Dental Association is one place to seek information. Is your dentist a practicing holistic Dentist? One of the three Holistic Dentistry Associations, International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, should be able to help you in finding one in your local neighborhood. The idea is to save each tooth because they are valuable.

No more root canals and safe mercury removal should be the standard dentist practice Wellness through Dentistry. The invasive drilling leads to further health problems and the tooth’s nerve has been removed and no longer signals pain which can lead to jaw bone infection and damage. The teeth have been embalmed much like a dead human would be. The infections can hide under the crown and eventually get into the bloodstream, and the formaldehyde used to disinfect the area, causing other infections including cancers. Patients are told a root canal is necessary in the past and that no other alternatives were available, but not now.

An effective fluoride-free toothpaste Yes and it’s a derivative of chocolate. An extract from cocoa makes your teeth less susceptible to bacteria and demineralization. The makers of Theodent toothpaste are coming out with the new toothpaste. It still tastes like mint not chocolate. They are coming out with a dental floss, mouthwash and a sugar-free toothpaste for kids of the same line.

Pinellas County in Florida, St. Petersburg Clearwater is the first municipality to eliminate fluoride from their drinking water, via The Tea Party Despite pleas of removal would cause more dental issues and teeth rotting, fluoride elimination is on the agenda.

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