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Holistic And Spirit Festival A Community "FUN-RAISER" For The Voiceless

Underneath A Magic Moon
Geneva Jones Shelley Courtesy Image

Geneva Jones Shelley and her talented team of professionals and volunteers are in the final days of preparation for the "Port City Fun-Raiser"of the year! "Note the FUN ahead of the word Raiser?" Whereas hoards of people filled "The "Juggling Gypsy Cafe"and surrounding areas in 2013, to support the Vendors and to enjoy the skillfully planned activities - it was all for an invaluable cause. But don't take our word for it, SAVE THE DATES (April 25-27, 2014) and judge for yourselves.

"Underneath A Magic Moon" is having its 2nd Annual Holistic and Spirit Festival, at "The Juggling Gypsy Cafe". It will be held downtown at 1612 Castle Street Wilmington, NC. The purpose is to support the education, awareness and prevention of child abuse/neglect and bullying. The weekend festivities will be provided by local businesses, performers and volunteers passionate about awareness and advocating for change. Activities and entertainment will include a masquerade gala, wine tasting, yoga workshops, an outdoor carnival, guest speakers, vendors, prizes and so much more. Last springs event proved to be a positive and motivating experience for all involved. The effective participation and feedback inspired the continuation of this magical festival.

It is their charge to be the voice of those in need who have none and continue to promote change. "Underneath A Magic Moon" will continue to grow and adapt to the challenge of nurturing meaningful ways to deliver their message of love and compassion. "We look forward to seeing you and are grateful for the passion and support of our incredible community. So come out, make a stand and have some fun, at the 2nd Annual Holistic and Spirit Festival", says Jones-Shelley.

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