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Holistic alternative and integrative health and wellness - Come on get happy!

I almost feeling like telling everyone I know, "I told you so!" Haha! But seriously, I have been writing about holistic health for years, studying it even longer, and practicing it - to get and stay well. There is an alternative to pills, shots, etc. and the attached video to this article shows just one of thousands of alternative health and wellness practitioners who treat patients using holistic methods - with great success!

Take It Upon Yourself
Sheila Murrey

From using coconut oil as a skin and hair smoother, conditioner to taking garlic oil capsules to stave off a seasonal "bug", to breathing therapeutic grade essential oils, there's seemingly an endless array of remedies from which to choose from to maintain your health - on your own and for a lot less money than monthly insurance premiums, co-pays, driving to / from the doctor, etc. I am a living well-being testimony!

Too many people suffer needlessly and that's really sad. Get informed! To quote that old Partridge Family song, "Come on get happy!"

If you have a doctor, talk with him or her. Ask "how many classes in nutrition did you have?" The answer will surprise you. Ask, "how long will I have to take this medication?" That's another big eye-opener. Do you want to rely on the pharmaceutical industry the rest of your life? Not me!

I began a journey of holistic wellness and natural health care after I lost a well-paying traveling job (years ago) supremely due to the fact that an allergy specialist medical doctor (M.D.) had told me (and wrote a letter for my employer) that I had to remain in town in order to take allergy shots for at least a year, maybe longer and my employer would not allow. (Yes, I sought legal counsel. No, it did not help).

Turns out those stupid allergy shots were not even formulated for the type of allergy I had! Coincidentally, confirmed by another allergy specialist allopathic medical doctor after I'd moved to another town and gotten married. I was a little more than mad when I learned those previous allergy shots were BOGUS treatments!

I am writing a book about how I chronicled my wellness journey, and I blog about natural health in order to shake and WAKE people up!

In the course of my journey I've met wonderful genuine healers, like holistic life coach and energy healer, Dr. Alison J. Kay. Believe me, if you want it, there are many alternative, integrative, CAM, and holistic practitioners in the U.S. and the best news is... you can find the team who best supports your wellness too!

Here's the short list of doctors (local to the St. Petersburg, Florida area) who currently support my wellness - mind, body, and spirit:

Dr. Bauduin at Madeira Beach Center for Natural Medicine. If you have any need at all for acupuncture or chiropractic, or if you don't know whether you have need or not, but have any health issue - give Carol a call at their office and ask. Your body may thank you more than you can imagine!

Dr. Bauduin is so masterful when he met me for my initial treatment he laid his hands on my head while I was seated in a chair, and could essentially "read" my issue in a matter of a minute or two. He went on to perform acupuncture on my upper back, then chiropractic. Two procedures in one visit! Wow! In an hour I was in and out of the office (fee for first time patients? $80.) which, for me was very inexpensive to walk on a cloud!

Dr. Laurie Zakresky - At a new location!! Divine Healing Spiritual Center, 13042 Indian Rocks Rd. Largo, Florida 33774. The new phone number is 727 330-7813. Dr. Zakresky is a doctor of Qigong with double masters degrees in Usui, Mayan Reiki, and Shaman. Also an ordained minister, Laurie will speak with you on whatever issue is troubling you. Laurie is offering meditation classes every Wednesday evening at 6:30pm to 7:30pm. If you go please mention you found out about it from reading this blog. Thanks!

Dr. Zakresky also has a store full engaging products for you to browse, beautiful greeting cards, calendars, books, figures, crystals, candles, incense, jewelry, and more at very inexpensive prices. Healing is her passion though. She gave me a drawing after my treatment so I'd remember and use the energy points she tapped on as my preventive during seasonal "bug" outbreaks.

Dr. Alison J. Kay is a wonderful vibrant, full-on energy, ThetaHealer / clearer, and author. With today's technology you don't have to live, or even visit Florida, in order to experience Alison's help.

Dr. Kay has a thriving one-on-one practice, as well as, a weekly ThetaHealing telephone call - clients call in to a designated phone number from the comfort of their homes, and while in a relaxed state, listen as Alison tunes in to our collective energies to deliver a unique energized verbal "prayer" unlike any other! This must be experienced! As a bonus, the call is recorded and sent to clients the next day via email, so it can be listened to over again to achieve maximum benefit.

I'm continuing to read Dr. Kay's 400+ page book, “What if There’s Nothing Wrong”, a jam-packed book that could easily become a great educational reference (and save you from reading at least 17 other books!) that explains the difference between eastern wellness practices and western reductionist science (it details how we've ended up with all the "specializations" in medical practices too). It's a superb knowledge base to assist your understanding of "why things are the way they are" in today's hot healthcare debate.

Dr. Kay is available for radio interviews as well. Namaste.

I am your wellness activist ready to provide you a list of alternative, holistic, or complimentary wellness practitioners located in St. Petersburg / Tampa Florida. I've provided a link to Dr. Kay's website where you can watch videos, read testimonials, hear a sample ThetaHealing call, and get to know her a bit better. Namaste.

Take it upon yourself to be healthy, joyful, vibrant, and beautiful. Be who you want to be.

Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

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