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Holidays to celebrate the month of March

Do you need an excuse to celebrate a holiday? The month of March provides 17 reasons and ways to celebrate.

The month of March provides 17 reasons and ways to celebrate.  St. David's Day
The month of March provides 17 reasons and ways to celebrate. St. David's Day
Mardi Gras
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March 1 is St. David’s Day- A patron saint of Wales he was a teacher, preacher and founded a monastery. He died March 1, 589 A.D. People fly the Welsh flag, wear, daffodils or leeks on their clothing and attend church.

March 2 is Texas Independence Day- It celebrates its independence from Mexico. People have chili cook-offs, festivals and re-enactments.

March 3 is General Casimir Pulaski Day- Known as the Father of American Calvary, a Polish citizen instrumental in the success of the Revolutionary War, he died in battle Sept. 11, 1777. President Obama named him an honorary U.S. citizen on November 6, 2009.

March 3 is Read Across America Day- It encourages young people to read and coincides with Dr. Seuss’s birthday.

March 4 is Shrove or Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras- It is the celebration prior to Lent, fasting before Easter. Some confess or shrove, go to Carnival parade, throw beads or eat pancakes because perishable foods had to be used before Lent.

March 4 is Town Meeting Day in Vermont- Residents speak their minds in a public forum. It coincides with the admission of Vermont into the Union in 1791.

March 5 is Ash Wednesday- It marks the 40 days that Jesus spent fasting in the desert and 46 days until Lent. Ashes are placed on the forehead as a reminder of mortality and mourning and repentance to God.

March 9 is Daylight Savings Time- Clocks are set forward 1 hour so that evenings have more daylight and nights have less.

March 16 is Purim- It marks the deliverance of Jews from death by the King of Persia. Gifts of food and wine are exchanged and offerings are made to charity.

March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day- He brought Christianity to Ireland and taught the trinity using shamrocks. He died March 17, 461 AD. It’s celebrated with parades and wearing green.

March 17 is Evacuation Day- Celebrates the day British evacuated Boston during the Revolutionary War with reenactments and visits to historic sites.

March 20 is March Equinox- It marks the beginning of spring.

March 25 is Maryland Day- Celebrates the landing of Lord Baltimore and the first colonists with reenactments and tours.

March 26 is Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianole Day- A prince who tried to make a better life for the people of Hawaii. They have luaus and canoe races to celebrate.

March 31 is Seward’s Day- Commemorates the US purchase of Alaska from Russia in 1867 with special history programs.

March 31 is Caesar Chavez Day- He helped fight racial and economic discrimination against Chicanos. It is celebrated with discussions and debates on worker’s rights and equal wages.

The holidays are for the year 2014. The day and dates of the holidays may change when the year changes. Have a fun-filled March.

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