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Holidays in the Berkshires & Pioneer Valley

The holiday season is upon us! Thanksgiving in just a few days leaving Christmas and New Year’s just around the corner.

Some of the exciting events around the Pioneer Valley and the Berkshires can be found on the new calendar. The highlights include several area cities off the Festival of Trees; Stockbridge Main Street is true to life that Norman Rockwell made famous, the Symphony Orchestra, and the infamous Bright Nights at Forest Park.

While the western region of Massachusetts does not boast the mountain peaks of the Rockies you will find once snow has begun to either fall or be created on the ski slopes of the Appalachian Mountains you will find downhill skiing, cross country skiing on the golf courses, snow boarding or if you can find that area you as a kid went down on a sled take your family there!

In this region you will find generation after generation playing on the same hills, telling stories of famous painters, authors, and trips that their parents and grand parents took them. Find your spot make a new memory from the towns history was built on!

Happy Holidays!