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Holidays at the movies.

Snoopy is the head of my decorating committee.
Snoopy is the head of my decorating committee.

Hello out there readers. I've been on hiatus the last few weeks in lieu of finals and traveling. All of that is done with now and I managed to get back into the multiplex and check out some movies. The holidays are a special time because this when a lot of people do their movie watching. The season has been generous as I was rewarded for my last three trips to the theater in seeing The Princess and The Frog, Up In The Air, and Avatar. 

I have a problem with the term "kid movies." It is as if to say that an adult wouldn't or couldn't like anything about it but this is not the case with The Princess and The Frog. It is a throwback to all the classic 2D animated Disney adventures. It also takes the classic tale they we all heard growing up and puts a twist on it. I'm twenty one years old and I got much delight out of this movie. The voice actors complemented their characters quite well, the humor is spot on and the musical numbers never fail to put the crowd in good spirits. Of course the movie is targeted for children but I'll be damned if I'm going to let them get all the joy out of this. 

Switching over to more adult fare we have Up In The Air. George Clooney plays a professional axman who is addicted to racking up frequent flier miles. I hated the first 10 minutes of this movie because Clooney kept mugging for the camera. Then he toned it down and got down to earth with his character. This marks Jason Reitman's third film and he's 3 for 3 now in my book. The moral of Up In The Air is that journeys are part of the fun but we all need a safe place to end up. 

So after indulging the child and then the adult inside of me, I owed one to the thirteen year old I still am. Avatar blew my mind. I saw it in IMAX 3-D and my eyeballs were melting out of my head during the coming attractions. I don't even really remember what the movie was about. Humans go to this planet, Pandora, to harbor it as an energy source. Then, there's a romantic subplot on subtext on international diplomacy. I even got angry at the underdeveloped plot and one point. Then I saw this pterodactyl thing fling a helicopter at another helicopter and I was like...Whoa! Avatar isn't better than District 9 but it was still amazing. See it in IMAX 3-D or bust. 

Enjoy your Christmas, readers. I'll be at the movies with my family watching Sherlock Holmes.