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Holidays are over. Resume learning floral arranging to build a broader portfolio

The holidays of Christmas, year end and New Year are over. It is time for those who engage in floral arranging to resume working on floral decorations no matter what kind of manner they make floral designs, for hobby or for business.

flower arrangements you can learn at California Flower Art Academy
flower arrangements you can learn at California Flower Art Academy
California Flower Art Academy students, instructors an graduates
European flower arrangement
California Flower Art Academy

People who are planning to learn flower arrangement this year are encouraged to set up the annual learning schedule starting from scratch. Namely those without any experience of floral arrangements are recommended to start from a beginner program without jumping to higher level of courses because it is so important to earn a decent level of BASIC SKILLS. Without basic skills they will miss further opportunities of making improvement and brush up on their skills in the future.

People who are already learning floral designs should set up a new goal of earning even higher level of flower arranging skills. For this purpose, they are recommended to review what they are lacking in their skill and what should be improved as well as study to what kind of program they should proceed this year. Since it is often difficult to evaluate their current skill by themselves, it MAY be advisable to consult their instructors from whom they have been learning floral designs.

For those who are engaged in floral business such as running a floral shop or offering floral decorating services for weddings, funerals and some other events, it is recommended to make another way of approach. If floral shop owners are not yet started offering wedding floral decorating services, they should not miss the great business opportunity any further. They had better earn skills of wedding floral decorations. Needless to say funeral floral decorating service is also quite important because funeral related business contributes to stabilizing their floral business regardless of the economic situation. By penetrating wedding and funeral industries, they can further grow their floral business because these industries dominate floral market.

No matter what kind of above mentioned situations they are put in, in order to earn new skills of floral arranging or enhance the portfolio of their floral decorations, it is advisable to take lessons by joining a floral school. By explaining the level of their flower arranging skills to the admission office, they should make a choice of the most suitable course which fits their requirement.

California Flower Art Academy has been teaching various types of floral designs to local residents in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley since 1990 as a floral school certified by Flower Decorators Association (Tokyo, Japan).

Regardless of the type of floral arrangements, California Flower Art Academy can help students earn practical floral arranging skills, from European designs to Japanese Ikebana, wedding to funeral decorations AND beginner to professional levels. If you are looking for a reliable floral design school or instructor who offers quality lessons with hands on training of ONE ON ONE instructions, why not join California Flower Art Academy ?

You can start taking lessons at any time you like as far as we have space available. If you have no previous experience in floral arranging, you can start from Introductory Program for less than $110. For more information, feel free to contact

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