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Holidays are here - Give the gift of healthy relationships

The Spirit of the Season
The Spirit of the Season
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The holiday season is upon us.  As we think of gifts we may give one another, consider the gift of healthy relationships. 

Healthy relationships are those that are patient, kind, that are not full of envy and jealousy, they are not boastful or based in false pride.  They do not dishonor others, are not self-seeking but work for the common good of the relationship.  Angering is not a part of healthy relationships nor is holding resentments.  Healthy relationships always seek to protect the other in the relationship as well as oneself, are trusting of the good intentions and will of the other, full of hope for the future and perseveres in maintaining the relationship, itself.

Okay, so I didn't come up with those on my own.  In fact, you can find them here.   (If you're going to plagiarize then you might as well plagiarize something important.)

You will note that none of these gifts costs any money.  They are monetarily free.  However, they may be the most precious gifts we can give to others this holiday (or at any time).  These are the basis upon which true relationships rest and are, therefore, the basis for true happiness. 

While they may cost us some loss of face (exactly proportionate to the amount we haven't practiced them), the short-term suffering of our ego is well worth the long-term happiness that results from the peace and harmony derivative of their practice. 

Give these gifts, the gifts of true love and charity, this holiday season.  Embrace the true Spirit of Christmas and give something that is really valuable.

For those who have trouble with these practices, give the people at Knoxville Center for Clinical Hypnosis a call at 865-851-8687.  They can talk to you about Choice Theory Psychology and the Procedures that Lead to Change.  If you think others can benefit from learning these things, they have gift certificates available. 

The people at Substance Abuse & Addiction Services (in Powell, TN at Nature's Fountain) are experts at dealing with addictions, which have a nasty habit of rearing their ugly heads this time of year due to the relapse trigger of stress associated with holidays.  Call them at 512-818-0213 and start living a life of happiness rather than a life of misery.  The choice is, of course, entirely yours.

Experiment with life.  Nurture those you love.



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