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Holiday zombies are singing at the Bovine Metropolis Theater

Spencer Rybacki, Yvette Rebik bring big holiday laughs at the Bovine
Spencer Rybacki, Yvette Rebik bring big holiday laughs at the Bovine
Thanks to Linnea Brutlag of the Bovine Metropolis Theater

There are some things in life worth staying in touch with. Old friends. Extended family. And your inner goofball. 

Thanks to the Bovine Metropolis Theater, there are plenty of opportunities each week for you to get back in touch with the goofy in a family- friendly and fun-inspiring atmosphere. Their latest and greatest Saturday night event goes by the moniker Hark the Herald Zombies Sing and with one weekend left, you are strongly urged to be in the 4pm or 8pm final audience. 

HtHZS (Abbrev'd o' course) is a raucous, holiday-inspired theme show, filled to the brim with mistletoe quips, Santa visits, and the requisite (and promised) zombies. The show was owned by a group of phenomenal young players, each with their own tone and take on the art. Yvette Rebik's boundless energy lifted the show throughout, and Spencer Rybacki killed it constantly with flawless facial expressions and a knack for timing that not many can match. Ben Palin's stint as a snowman concerned with safety had the crowd rolling, and Kent Wilborn and Ethan Thomas Vimont both brought their A+ game. It was clear that each of these young professionals had a holiday gift to bring to the stage, and the audience responded in kind. 

The only thing missing in this Examiner's eyes would be a bigger female presence, but alas, such is the world of comedy. And Rebik's clear ownership of the stage absolutely did the ladies' justice. Her hilarious mistletoe song was a clear highlight of the night, as was her stint as a Christmas (and cat!) crazy librarian. 

Again, this coming Saturday will be your last opportunity to catch one of their last two shows. And with two options of 4pm and 8pm and affordable ticket prices, it's easy to fit into Hark the Herald Zombies Sing into any schedule or budget. 

Happy Holidays to all, and dont forget to brush up on all things zombie before heading to the show!