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Holiday tech guide of must-haves that make great gifts and stockings stuffers

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Here's a tech guide of great gift ideas for yourself, to give as gifts or stockings stuffers. For those looking for the best of the best of technology products, below are some of the greatest tech products (in alphabetical order) that will last well into the New Year! These were showcased at CE Week, Pepcom and New Product Events, who are renowned for hosting conferences and exhibits where top technology companies and start-ups showcase their greatest inventions to industry analysts, media and retailers.


  • Audio-Technica debuted its awesome SonicFuel and QuietPoint Noise-Cancelling Headphones, an all new lineup of in-ear models designed to take musical enjoyment to greater sonic heights, at the CEA Line Shows this year. The new SonicFuel models come in various colors, include in-ear designs that feature ergonomic C-tip earpieces that nestle in the ear for a stay-in-place fit. Some models include 360-degree rotating ear tips, a built-in microphone for call answering, controls for music playback on smartphones and a flat tangle-free cord. There are six new earphones in the SonicFuel range: ATH-CKX9iS, ATH-CKX9, ATH-CKX7iS, ATH-CKX7, ATH-CKX5iS and ATH-CKX. They are incredibly comfortable, great for listening to music at the gym, on the bus, subway, and even at the airport.
  • Auvio showcased its headphones from Radio Shack at Pepcom earlier this year. Auvio has great headphones for everyone, from over the ear, ear buds, in-ear and folding headphones! If you want to get the most from your audio equipment, high-quality stereo sound, a dynamic listening experience at great prices, then Auvio has the headphones you're looking for! They make awesome gifts, holiday stockings stuffers and will be sure to make your holidays and New Year merry! Below are some must-have headphones by Auvio:

- AUVIO® Folding Headphones with Mic: Featuring a tangle-resistant woven cord and a built-in mic, these folding headphones are currently on sale for just $9.99! They're available in black, white, blue and purple, and at just $9.99 each, it's very tempting to get them all!

- AUVIO® In-Ear Headphones for Android™: Compatible with Android 2.2 or later, these feature built-music controls and an in-line microphone. Priced at $19.99.

- AUVIO® Earbuds w/ Carrying Case: These earbuds come in seven fun colors for only $9.99 make great holiday gifts, stockings stuffers and are perfect for any practically any activity (get one for your purse, gym bag, weekend bag, and travel bag). The cute and very handy carrying case ensures your headphones stay tangle-free in a purse or gym bag.

- AUVIO® Elite Series Headphones: These over-ear headphones feature advanced drivers and circuitry for clear bass and inline iOS controls to control your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

  • Ety Kids Safe Listening Earphones - Ety Kids 5 by Etymotic, showcased its Ety·Kids safe listening earphones at CE Week this year. They're available in pink, yellow and black. ETY·Kids earphones, designed for children aged 4+, are engineered to keep sound at safe levels and protect a child's hearing, so parents can rest easy. These are really great for kids who love to listen to music, because they're made with safety in mind and they come with additional sizes of earbuds, a detachable clip and zippered pouch.
  • Looxcie3 is a social wearable video camera that showcased recently The New Product Events - Consumer Tech Media Event. Looxcie 3 live streams directly to Facebook, and sports a new compact, square form factor. It boasts of cool accessories such as color cases, lanyards to wear as a necklace and a rugged waterproof case that anyone can wear and share video and make sure they get the desired shot. Looxcie3 is the perfect holiday gift for all those who love taking photos.
  • Plantronics' audio technology products are used by everyone such as, but not limited to pilots, astronauts, 911 emergency workers, teens, and parents. Plantronics is the choice for everyone united by digital technology and the human need to communicate. Whether you want to chat, listen to music or play games, Plantronics has sleek and unique products for everyone"

- BackBeat GO 2 is perfect for those who are constantly on the go and don't have time to deal with cords. These Bluetooth earbuds allow you to talk and listen seamlessly (without the hassle of cords). They are sweat-proof, moisture-resistant, easy to wear, compact, offer great sound and boast up to 4.5 hours of listening time and 5 hours of talk time. If you opt for the earbuds and charging case, you ensure an impressive 14.5 hours of listening time. The BackBeat GO 2 is ideal for anyone that enjoys an active lifestyle!
- RIG is perfect for serious mobile gamers. This amazing stereo headset and mixer easily and quickly allows the user to mix game audio and chat with smartphone music, apps and calls. Connect your smartphone to the mixer and, with one touch, take calls without pressing pause. Swap out the noise-cancelling boom mic with the stealth inline mic for gaming and music on-the-go. RIG offers precision audio and compatibility with PC/Mac, Xbox 360, PS3, smartphones, and tablets, RIG delivers your games, your life, and your mix.
- Voyager Legend is a smart sensor technology that answer calls simply and seamlessly. It responds to voice commands, giving users the ability to take and ignore calls in addition to a variety of other features without having to lift a finger. With the Voyager Legend, the professional can easily integrate calls with their daily routines. It boasts of great sound quality, even when you're at the airport, in a windy area or street full of traffic.
- Marque 2 is a user-friendly device that enables users to listen to music, videos, Internet radio or driving directions streamed from the smartphone or tablet. Dual mics reduce noise and wind, giving you better call quality and DeepSleep power‐saving mode activates when your Marque headset is away from your phone for more than 1.5 hours.

  • SteelSeries Siberia Elite Headset showcased at Pepcom (world leader in technology showcases) earlier this year. It's one of the best top quality, premium headsets for serious gamers and makes a great gift for the giver and receiver! It looks and feels high quality, soft earpads feels incredibly comfortable (even if you wear glasses), comes with a USB sound card, adapter cable with two 3.5 mm three pole plugs to use for headphones and microphone, a mobile adapter and a 6.5' extension cable! The sound quality is spectacular (adjustable volume control knob comes in handy), which makes this the ideal headset for gaming and for listening to music too. It works with a PC and a MAC, as well as Android and Apple devices. Once you use this headset for gaming, it's hard to use anything else!
  • Twist Bluetooth Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker by Damson was introduced at CE Week. Damson's new Twist wireless portable bluetooth speakers are a pint-sized powerhouse that uses almost any surface to amplify sound! Check out this cool video and see for yourself. Don't underestimate this small device, because it really does produce great sound with awesome bass. Somehow it works on just about any flat surface such as coffee table, night stand, work desk, the floor, in the car and also connects with ease to your kindle, laptop or tablet's bluetooth.

- vFree is very light weight, very comfortable, eliminates the constraints of wired headphones and enables you to have several different styles with its personalized skins. The sound quality is superb (very clean and clear), and the impressive bass is nice and deep. The various designer skins available make the headphones look chic and very fashion-forward. The bluetooth capability gets rid of having to reach for tangled headphones from your pocket, enables you to multi-task and enjoy supreme sound quality.
- vQuiet removes unwanted sound with a 90% reduction! This pure sound allows you to focus on nothing but the music you love. It's perfect for travels, because the soft ear pads feels very soft, and it can be folded up for compact storage. Now you can bring Velodyne’s legendary audio technology with you anywhere you go. After a long hard work day, you just want to tune out unwanted noise and de-stress by listening to your favorite music. Velodyne's vQuiet is perfect to use when in noisy subway system, bus, congested city streets full of traffic, at the gym, or at the airport.

  • VTech, presented its White Retro Phone with Connect to Cell technology at Pepcom. Finally, a phone that allows you to pair your mobile phone with the system so you can receive cell calls on your landline! It looks so cool and retro and so easy to connect to any cell phone! It's light weight, has excellent voice quality, and amazing coverage quality which is very useful for those with a large house. Also the caller id and call waiting stores 50 calls, so it's easy to detect who is calling (handset displays name, number, time and date of calls).

HEALTH, FITNESS and Helpful Apps:

  • Bowflex Boost, by Nautilus famous for the amazing Bowflex, makes a great gift for those who set health and fitness goals for the New Year. This water-resistant device was designed to keep you moving, so you burn and track calories calories, steps, distance traveled and it also tracks quality of sleep for only $50! The band which is made of soft, medical grade silicone is incredibly comfortable to wear. It boasts of a Bluetooth Smart technology, that provides a USB chargeable battery that lasts up to 11 days, and is currently available for iOS devices (iPhone 4 and higher, iPod touch 5th generation and higher, iPad 3rd generation and higher, iPad mini). Setup is easy; simply download the free Bowflex Boost iOS app from iTunes and create a profile (age, gender, weight, fitness goals).
  • Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test with Weeks Estimator was introduced recently at the New Product Events - Consumer Tech Media Event. The Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test with Weeks Estimator gives women more information right at the beginning of their pregnancy journey than ever before. It's the latest and greatest technology that is revolutionizing home pregnancy testing, because it's two test in one. It not only tells a woman if she is pregnant, but also estimates the number of weeks! It states in words if you're pregnant or not in five days sooner.
  • Befrugal, which presented at the New Product Events - Consumer Tech Media Event, offers great money saving tips. This free app boasts of a great money saving tool that helps save time and money on holiday gifts, gift cards and daily purchases. It also advises on how to earn cash back when buying reduced price gift cards, and using those discounted gift cards to shop for gifts or other daily purchases as an additional savings strategy!
  • Manilla, showcased at the New Product Events - Consumer Tech Media Event, is a free account management service that comes in very handy for New Year’s resolutions to stay organized and also a helpful tool to help alleviate stress for parents. It boasts of managing all bills and accounts in one place, under one password; provides an automated, organized view of all of your account information, as well as text and email reminders to pay bills, renew expiring subscriptions, and manage soon-to-expire daily deals. It offers unlimited storage, seamless document retrieval and it has 4+ stars for Android and iOS apps, plus for use at the computer.
  • Popmoney, introduced at the New Product Events - Consumer Tech Media Event, is a social payment service that has an array of use occasions, such as but not limited to parents sending money to children at college, collecting money for shared gift costs (soccer moms), shared travel costs, paying or receiving payment for someone for their portion of the costs for tickets to an event, and paying the babysitter, nanny or tutor. It's an addition to online banking with many banks on board. It's free to receive money and the fee to send money is only $0.95.

  • Springpad, also presented at the New Product Events - Consumer Tech Media Event, is a free personal assistant mobile app for those who opt to stay organized, eliminate old files, and simplify life - just in time for New Year resolutions. It boasts of a simple way to save information in digital Notebooks that can be easily accessed on the go. It's great for parents and students, as it allows them to stay on top of their To Do lists in real time. It knows users' interests and enhances information saved with details and relevant suggestions and will alert users about special offers or discounts on items saved at specific stores. Because it's always with users on any mobile device (iOS, Android, Kindle, and Web), Springpad is helpful in assisting users stay true to their organization goals.


  • Dropcam HD Wifi Video is a must-have for all parents with babies and young children, all those who want to keep an eye on their home and pets while at work or on vacation, and small business owners! Thanks to Dropcam, parents can have a piece of mind because they can watch their loved ones (children, dogs, home, small business) where ever they are. For those searching for a good and a reliable video camera that's easy to set and effective, this is one will be sure to impress. It sets up in approximately five to ten minutes to securely stream video via wifi. It comes with Night vision, 720p HD video, two-way audio, and Digital Pan and Zoom. Paired with secure online DVR recording, you can watch live and recorded video from anywhere on any device, such as Apple Mac, Windows PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Android. It's so easy to use, and all you need is a wifi network paired with the free and easy-to-use Dropcam App. The cloud service makes is very simple, and it allows you to view your camera from multiple places, phones, tablets, can also share your camera with family and friends securely, motion feature enables you to go to desired sections and you can see the entire room!


  • iFi Systems Smart Phone Tag was showcased at CE Week in NY. Thanks to the iFi Systems Smart Phone Tag, you'll never lose your mobile or keys again! It connects wirelessly over Bluetooth to an Android smartphone so you can keep track of it using a downloadable app. The Smart Tag includes a key ring, so it can be attached to anything that you don't want to lose such as phone, keys, or wallet. Using the phone, you can page the tag or just press the button on the tag to page the phone. Audible alerts sound on both the smartphone and tag when they are more than 25-30' apart, and you'll also receive and email with the location of your separated device. Additional conveniences include the Safe Location feature and ability to pair multiple tags with your phone.
  • Innergie MagiCable Duo with Lightning Connector is a single cable solution featuring a unique two in one design capable of connecting to over 10,000 mobile devices! It comes in very handy for those using two or more wireless devices, because it has a great smart tip design that enables you to select and use the cable tip needed. You can charge your mobile device battery and transfer device data simultaneously. With integrated Apple Lightning and Micro USB tips, Magic Cable Lightning Duo is the only charging cable necessary for charging and synchronizing Apple Lightning devices such as, but not limited to iPhone 5, iPad 4th generation, iPad mini and Android tablets and smartphones.
  • Grip & Shoot Bluetooth Smartgrip for iPhone was presented at CE Week. It's so easy to use; simply attach it to an iPhone and connect it via bluetooth when taking photos and videos. People rarely use digital cameras now, thanks to sophisticated smartphones. Thanks to the Grip & Shoot system, it's even more easy and convenient to take photos and shoot videos! offers a less awkward alternative. The bluetooth Smartgrip is very light, at only 4 ounces, that grips onto an iPhone via a clip. The iPhone is connected to a free app via Bluetooth and controlled with three buttons (a trigger for shooting photos or rolling video and +/- buttons for the zoom). The bottom of the grip holds the device upright, like a stand or it can be attached to the iPhone case for remote triggering up to 100 feet away, which is great for taking photos and shooting videos while on vacation, birthday parties or holiday family gathering. The Grip and Shoot comes in black or white, is compatible with the iPhone 5, 4s and iPod Touch fifth generation. The system includes two Shooter Cases (iPhone 5/5S & 4S); Bluetooth Smart Grip; Grip Adapter; Leather Carrying Pouch; and Wrist Lanyard. This amazing, new cool technology makes a great gift for anyone who enjoy taking pictures and videos.
  • Lifeproof, famous for cases that offer top of the line protection without the bulk. introduced two top quality phone cases at CE Week and Pepcom this year - nüüd and the frē for the iPHone 5 (frē cases for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s come in 10 colors) and Samsung Galaxy S4! Thanks to Lifeproof's new scratchproof, waterproof and drop proof cases, expensive smartphones can still operate and look like new if they ever get wet in the storm, snow, dropped on the rough terrain while hiking, or get dusty in your bag or pocket. Since these cases are waterproof, snow proof, dirt proof, drop proof, the sound quality may experience a slight distortion and may not be 100% as clear as if you make calls without the case. Infact, many phones' sound quality is not 100%. As a result you will have to outweight the pros and cons. For those who can spare slight sound quality for a smartphone case that's waterproof, snow proof, dirt proof, drop proof, then the nüüd and frē are for you. Both the nüüd and frē come in black, and does a great job in keeping your phone, clean and safe from accidents. Hopefully soon in the New Year, they'll offer more colors. Below are two excellent choices for the Samsung Galaxy S4:
    - nüüd, looks attractive, sleek, is waterproof, snowproof, dirt proof, drop proof, is incredibly thin 5.8" x 1.5" x 3", and very light at approximately 1.5 ounces. Your smartphone will still operate and look like new, even after you drop it in water or the rough pavements of city streets (fully submersible to 6.6' and survives drops from up to 6.6'). It's very comfortable to hold and it's not slippery at all. You can touch your device's screen (which is very impressive, considering it's a waterproof case) and access buttons, ports and headphone jack with ease, thanks to its screenless technology. This is very useful for parents of young children (all parents know how much babies and toddlers love to dunk smartphones in your coffee, tea or glass of water), for all those with pets and everyone who enjoy the sandy beach and water sports, because accidental spills, mess, and drops are inevitable at some point in time.
    - frē measures 5.8" x 3" x 0.6", and very light weight at about 1.6 ounces, so it's the thinnest, lightest, all-protective Galaxy S4 case out in the market today. It has a built-in scratch protector that provides complete touchscreen protection, and is also fully submersible to 6.6' and survives drops from up to 6.6' as well as, access to all buttons, ports and headphone jack. The frē is almost like that of the nūūd case, except the frē has a screen protector; whereas, the nūūd exposes the screen. The frē's cover is very clear and flat, that it's barely noticeable, and it works great to keep your phone clean, dust free, scratch free, and protect it from water damage, scratches, cracks or dents from dropping the device.
  • OtterBox Commuter Series Wallet Case is perfect for all those who prefer to travel light and have their wallet and phone in an all-in-one case (very convenient when running quick errands, or going to the supermarket). With so many wireless device options out in the market today, the Otterbox Commuter Wallet Case is one of OtterBox's most sort after smartphone cases, for those who prefer two-in-one cases. It has multiple layers of protection with wallet storage (wallet snaps into place and is very safe and secure) for up to three cards and one bill, which is incredibly convenient. The wallet drawer has an audible click closure which provides a peace of mind knowing your personal items are secure. Check out this video for further detail. It comes in black, glacier white and primrose. For those interested in custom making your own special Otterbox case, check out OtterBox's Defender Series!
  • Speck designs bold and colorful cases for smartphones, laptops and tablets. It showcased its new cases for phones, laptops and tablets at CE Week. One of the smartphone cases that caught many people's (especially minimalists) attention was the Speck SmartFlex Card for Samsung Galaxy S4. Thanks to Speck, your smartphone, ID card, metro card, credit card and a bill can all be safely and securely combined into one colorful case. It's so incredibly easy to use, and it does a great job with protecting your device from drops, scratches and bumps. What's unique about Speck's SmartFlex Card case is its slick and supple look, and light flexible case that enables you to securely store your smartphone and up to three cards or bills in the cover's slide loading slot. Carrying a wallet or purse can be too much, especially when going to the supermarket or coffee shop. It comes in black, deep sea blue and poppy (similar to a coral or red-orange color). The flexible construction is very light at only three ounces, yet the case offers durable protection and is very easy to pop on and off. Cards, bills and ID or metro card can be conveniently retrieved from the slot. The raised bezel protects the screen, while the rubberized covers shield buttons. Also, sound quality stays the same (no muffling sound or echos that may occur with a lot of other smartphone cases out in the market today).
  • Tech-e Pillow, which showcased at the New Product Events - Consumer Tech Media Event, is a pillow that cradles your tablet, e-reader or laptop at just the right angle to allow for a hands-free experience! It measures 6.75” x 13” x 8.75" and has multiple folding positions so you are comfortable and don't have to settle for an achy back, shoulders or neck when working on your wireless device in bed. There's a hidden side pocket to hold a power cord, which is helpful in preventing tangles. This amazing Tech-e pillow is on sale now for $29.99 (previously $39.99), and is available in gray, sand and blue. To match with the Tech-e Pillow, is Sleep Number's Luxe Throw, which measures 50" x 70". It boasts of Silky-soft faux mohair with dark-to-light ombre pattern for elegant comfort. This beautiful throw is on sale now for only $29.99 (previously $49.99), and is perfect for everyday comfort, whether relaxing in bed, on the sofa, or sitting front of the fire place on a cold winter night.
  • Tech21, who presented its latest and greatest devices at Pepcom earlier this year, prides itself on its strength with protection for wireless devices, called "Impactology," with a D30 impact material. Tech21 specializes in protecting smartphones, tablets and laptops from impact. For example, Tech21's Impact Mesh case is ideal for those who want the protection but also want a slim design, that offers a secure fit. Impact Mesh encases both corners and the back of smartphones, while still having full access to all ports and function buttons. It protects your phone with a perforated dotted back design-D30 material, which boasts of the best high impact protection that can sustain the toughest drops. The grippy feel offers a safe and secure hold on your device, which is helpful when there's an occasion for slippery hands while at the gym or on a chilly day. It's not bulky or clumsy at all, and looks cool, trendy and fits snug.


  • Eye-Fi Mobi Wireless Memory Cards take the hassle out of uploading photos by automatically and wirelessly transferring pictures and videos from your digital camera to your smartphone, tablet, computer or favorite social networks! It works well, simple to use and is great for taking photos, sending them to family, friends and uploading to social media. No wireless network is required to transfer photos from the Mobi SD card to the wireless iPhone, iPad or Android device. The Mobi Wireless Memory Card enables users to shoot HD video and fast action shots, and is compatible with thousands of cameras! It transfers quickly, and there's no more waiting on the desktop or laptop. The Mobi Wireless Memory Card is available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB, and is ready to use, just like any SDHC memory card.
  • Western Digital My Passport Slim Portable Hard Drive is a portable hard drive that features WD SmartWare Pro backup software for local or cloud backup. My Passport Slim is so easy to use (it works right out of the box - no need to fumble through manuals) and is available in 1TB and 2TB. Simply connect the cable, back-up data by dragging and dropping files, music, photos, or videos into the My Passport slim, and the the transfer time is like the speed of light! It comes in an elegant, sleek looking, very sturdy ultra-slim metal design, with powerful speed of USB 3.0 connectivity and the security of password protection with hardware encryption. Western Digital backs it up with a three year limited warranty, which is an incredible service. My Passport Slim is ideal for an Ultrabook or any slim notebook. It's so small and thin, yet powerful (little things do mean a lot in WD's case), that it fits perfectly in a briefcase, pocket or purse (great for backing up during travels), and it’s big enough to carry all your digital content! It's very small, so it doesn't make a lot of noise and is so much faster than laptops. My Passport Slim is perfect for those who wish to secure precious moments with an automatic backup software, in which data can be easily backed up right into it, or back up to the cloud using Dropbox.


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