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Holiday Survivial Tips for Singles

Keep your buddy alcohol nearby for holiday emergencies!
Keep your buddy alcohol nearby for holiday emergencies!

The holidays can be stressful enough without the added 'burden' of being single.

Do you dread confrontations with your family about your ever-looming lonesome status? Do they may drone on about how you let your ex, the girl they coined as "The One", get away? Perhaps you are hiding from your mother's incessant whining about her lack of grandchildren and how you're not getting any younger.

So what's a single guy to do this time of year? Whether you're staycationing in the Mile High City or heading back to the village from whence you came, here are a few suggestions to help you survive the holidays.

1.1. Buy yourself a killer gift that you've been pining for

Whether it's a membership to the uber-swank Pura Vida, the Breitling Superocean watch from Hyde Park, or a new Kindle, treat yourself to something special this holiday season. For all the weddings and anniversaries you've gifted for, isn't it about time you celebrated your singlehood with a present to yours truly? Bonus points if it'll make your friends and/or family jealous!

2. Keep a stash of alcohol nearby

Whether you imbibe invisibly in the morning with a screwdriver or splash some Jack in your dinnertime Coke, your friend alcohol will never leave you high and dry.

3. Talk up the perks of being single so others don't feel bad for you

Exciting trips, crazy nights out, and the pursuit of fun, extracurricular hobbies are all things that couples often cite as what they miss about being single. Of course, depending on your audience, lack of nagging, jealousy, and an active sex life could be other reminders of why you being single isn't a bad thing, but hey, there's no need to put salt in the wound.

4. Hang with other singles

Be it your sassy, divorced Aunt Sally or your old high school homie Harry, birds of a feather flock together. You can celebrate or commiserate (depending on your mood) with others, turning your party-of-one into a rip roaring good time. Heck, you might even get a wingman out of the deal!

5. Volunteer

Whether you're happy to be single or wishing you were half of a couple, you'll feel good about giving of yourself during the holidays, to help those less fortunate than yourself, with more to worry about than the fact that they are single.

Click here for information on volunteer opportunities with the Denver Rescue Mission.


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