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Holiday Shopping Guide 2009: Hand-held gaming best bets

Sony PSP & Nintendo DS
Sony PSP and Nintendo DS Lite

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Halloween is past and Thanksgiving is fast approaching. That means it is time to start planning for your holiday shopping. One of the biggest problems when shopping for gamers is making sure that you buy a quality game that they will enjoy. There’s nothing worse than getting a game for someone and finding out that it is buggy, has bad controls, or just isn’t fun at all. So, we’ve come up with the best bets of recent releases for the two major hand-held platforms (Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP) for the 2009 holiday shopping season. We’ve broken it down not just by hand-helds but by genres as well. So click through on the links below for the hand-held and genre you’ll be shopping for this year.

Nintendo DS

Sony PSP

Keep an eye on future “best bet” articles on kid’s games, and more!

Agree / Disagree? Leave a comment below on your thoughts or on games that you are looking forward to for this holiday season.

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