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Holiday Sex: What you really want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas...
All I want for Christmas...

The holiday season is upon us. For some it is already here. And that special someone may be asking you what you want for Christmas. What do you ask for?

Do you ask for a new power tool or a designer bag? Why not ask for what you really want during the holidays and all year round. While there are several sexy stocking stuffer ideas, why not ask for a little more time in the sex play department.

Sex is not a dirty word, so talk openly with your partner about our sexual desires. While some still say sexshould come naturally, even I cannot read minds and don’t always know my partner’s thoughts, wants orneeds at any given moment.

So go ahead and add a few things to your holiday wish list. Write them down for your partner. Do you desire a new sexual position? Intrigued by a new sex toy? Fantasizing about role playing? Do you just want more time together so you can have sex?

Make a list of the things you’d love to try, from mild to wild. Come up with eight activities to carry you through from Christmas to New Year’s, or the eight days of Hanukkah. Make sure there is variety, so include a few things for them, a few things for you and a few things for both of you. Try to include something new, that you haven’t done together, as well. Be sure to set ground rules about sharing sexual desires, too. No judgment, no blame, no guilt for saying yes to some or no to others.

You can give your partner advance notice, or let them peek at your list. Suggest they make a list of their own and you can even alternate between wishes. Or take the sleigh by the reins this holiday season, and see where it takes you.

Enjoy yourself, and each other!

Happy Holidays!


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