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Holiday season spikes remittance services

Money remittance service goes full swing as the holiday season comes to an end.

Remitters are taking advantage of the discounted service fees now being offered by remittance service centers like Western Union. At present, service fee is pegged at $12 for each transaction. But service fee for remittance more than the $800 remittance gets a little higher. And each customer is required to
present government-issued identification cards as this is required by the Federal Reserve Board.
Remittance service centers in Carson are a common channel of sending back home the fastest way one can imagine, especially in this electronics age. For example,  the onset of the holiday season has spiked remittance services in the city. It has been a common practice for U.S.-based immigrant workers to
send money to their loved ones back home, a tradition that has been going for a long time now. Hence, a booming business for those who have thought about it long time ago.

"People have never stopped coming to send money since the start of the holiday season. In fact, there was never a let up in remittances to their loved ones back home," says a Western Union teller in Carson.

"We are already used to this kind of practice," she adds.

But these remitters have preference when it comes to choosing what type of remittance service they have to tap. According to them, sending the money through the bank takes a couple of days before the money is collected by the recipients. This is the reason why Western Union has become a favorite channel for money remittance in Carson. At present, there are two Western Union branches in Carson, which makes it much easier for money senders to send their money the fastest way possible.

"Most people have also taken advantaged of the discounted service fees that the Western Union imposed since the start of the Christmas holidays," the teller at Manila Business Center  explained.

Western Union offers at least 40 percent discount on service fees for each customer who sends money anywhere. Regular service fee is pegged at 12 dollars per transaction, a minimum of not more than 800 dollars. More than this amount, the service fee is a little bit higher. And customers are required to present government-issued identification cards when sending more than 500 dollars to any destination in and out of the United States.

Almost all day long, scores of people who wanted to send money to Asian and Latin American countries have become a never-ending business at a couple of remittance centers in the city. Among the remittance centers that operate here include the Western Union, Philippine National Bank (PNB), Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC), , Banco de Oro, Lucky Money and MoneyGram International.