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Holiday Sales Guide: Buy Up the Red and Green

ith the holiday sales, now is the time to get cheap and strategic! Buy up non-holiday red and green for Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day coming up. You'll actually be surprised how much of it there is out there that does not have the holidays on it. Or if it does, you can take it off or cover it up.

For the office, I had bought up green socks one year and gave them away for St. Patrick's Day. For my friend's kids, I had found red gloves and made little Valentine's Day presents. I was able to find myself a green cashmere sweater on clearance that I wear each St. Patrick's Day now. I also found a red cashmere turtleneck that I wear on Valentine's Day if the office is having one of those "Wear Red" things.

Red and green strands of lights are also good to buy now and you can weave them into a wooden wreath for your wall and throw some hearts and shamrocks on them.

Also, for Valentine's Day, holiday perfume sets go on sale. Buy them up, toss out the box it comes in and put it in a basket. For the candle and bath places, just make sure it doesn't have a Christmas theme on the bottle but you know, if you look, some just have it on the package. You can re-gift all spring. And the baskets are on sale at Michael's now - just rip off the holiday ribbon and glue on another. You don't need a hot glue gun. I mix Elmer's with hot water, brush it on and weave the ribbon. I'll use the gold ribbon on sale from the holidays for St. Pat's and I'll either use silver on sale for St. Valentine's or I'll buy some animal print.

It's actually pretty lucky that the two holidays following Christmas have the same colors, isn't it?

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