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Holiday party ideas for room moms and classroom volunteers

Commissioned to plan your child's holiday party at his or her school with les than two weeks left?

Every great party needs creative decorations, tasty food, singing and dancing, fun games, and gift giving.

Most public schools want to include children of all religious beliefs, so choosing a themed party can be as generic as a winter wonderland or as detailed as Santa's Workshop.  Students can decorate the class with snowflakes, pine trees, artificial snow, wrapped gifts, Christmas trees and ornaments.

The menu can be as simple or elaborate depending on how much time is allotted.  To make things fun, kids can decorate cupcakes, sugar cookies, or gingerbread cookies before they eat them.  Traditional holiday drinks like eggnog, hot chocolate, and apple cider can be included in the menu.  Just make sure you check with your child's teacher regarding students' allergies before bringing food items into the classroom.

No matter what holiday the students may celebrate with their families, most holiday celebrations include some type of gift giving.  Gift exchanges usually range from two dollars to ten dollars.  Kids can exchange store bought gifts, hand-made gifts, have a book or holiday card exchange.

During the party, kids can sing favorties such as:  Jingle Bells, Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer, or Joy to the World.  They can play games such as:  Candy Cane Toss, Santa Says (Simon Says), Gift Unwrap Relay, and word finds.

Other ideas include having the children bring in treats to fill stockings or goodie bags.  During this time of year, having a charitable themed party seems appropriate.  Kids can donate toys, winter clothing, or food for food basket.

Whatever you plan, just check with the teacher to get all of your ideas approved and don't forget to purchase a really nice  gift for the classroom teacher in show of your appreciation for all of your hard work!

Please feel free to share your ideas about school holiday parties with other room moms and classroom volunteers.