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Holiday Movies to catch : Serious Moonlight and It's Complicated


 It's the dawn of the holiday season! Of course that means a lot of things for lots of different people. Many will be planning trips and visits to family. Many will be hitting the mall and the grocery store religiously. Hopefully, in spite of the long to-do lists, you will take time off to simply enjoy the holidays. This time of the year presents the opportunity for one to stop, relax, and simply enjoy the romance of the season. The holidays create an unmatchable ambiance. There are faithful images that go along with it; Warming up by the fire, bundling up to visit friends and family. What better way to spend time with a friend or loved one than watching a feel-good, romantic comedy?

My first pick is It's Complicated, the new film by Nancy Meyers.  The film stars the likes of  Meryl StreepSteve Martin, and Alec Baldwin. The story centers around Streep's character Jane, and the two men who vie for her affection. (One of which happens to be her ex husband).

This movie comes highly recommeded mainly because it is written and directed by Nancy Meyers. Meyers has graced us with  delightful romantic comedies such as The Holiday and  Something's Gotta Give. One would be foolish to cast aside her movies as formulaic and dated. Rather they are timeless and classy. With honest and witty writing, Meyers sets the bar high for any romantic screenwriter. With each film, she continues to excell in her storytelling. "It's Complicated" will most likely be another charming accomplishment in romantic filmaking.

For those of you craving querky humor, try Serious Moonlight. The late  Adrienne Shelly's screenplay is about a woman ( Meg Ryan) who duct tapes her adulterous husband and holds him hostage. She does so in attempt to save their relationship. Little does she know, the house is also about to be burglarized.

There are several reasons why this movie will be successful. First, Meg Ryan has been a hallmark for romantic comedies for nearly two decades. Her lovable querkiness and bubbly persona makes most all her movies a sheer delight. Second is the screenwriter. Adrienne Shelly was taken way before her time. Her movie Waitress , (in which she wrote, directed and starred) was a surprise hit that touched deep into the hearts of many. Her writing was original and fresh. The beauty and depth of "Waitress" gives the movie goer great excitement for "Serious Moonlight." This movie looks like lots of fun, and with a screenwriter like Shelly, lots of depth as well.

Serious Moonlight is set to release December 4th.

It's Complicated hits theaters Christmas day. (December 25th).