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Holiday job search: Keeping your momentum

Don't drop the ball on your job search during the holiday season.
Don't drop the ball on your job search during the holiday season.
Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images.

Many job seekers are tempted to halt their search during the holiday season. “No one is hiring anyway,” they say. Victims of the holiday myth often find themselves watching their competition land positions during and directly after the holiday season. Here are a few of the myths that can steal away job search productivity during the holidays:

Myth 1: No one hires over the holidays. Although this may be true for some companies, many close their 4th quarter in October and launch a new hiring season in November, right when job seekers rest on their laurels for the season. If a company is on solid financial footing, they may pick up hiring for the quarter, looking to fill open positions before the financial year-end. The truth here – someone is always hiring; halting your job search ensures you will miss out on opportunities.

Myth 2: Company activity slows during the holidays. This assumption directly opposes the thought that companies would be hurrying to meet 4th-quarter sales. Position yourself as the answer to finishing the year strong and starting the new year on the right foot! If the hiring manager for the position you are targeting is available because of a slow down during the holiday season, this opens the opportunity for you to set up a networking meeting or take them to a holiday lunch.

Myth 3: Hiring managers are wrapped up in holiday activity. Hiring managers forget people they network with during the holiday season, right? Okay, so this may not be one of the common myths, but what other excuse do you have for slowing your networking for the 6-week “holiday season?” Close to 70% of job seekers find a position through their network each year. The keys to networking – consistency, follow through, and follow up. Taking the holiday season off means you will have to start over in the new year and may not be on the top of the list for positions posted during and after the season.

A balance of job search activity and self care is important throughout the year to keep energy up and search activity consistent. Taking long breaks at any point of the year slows progress, requiring more energy to rebuild networks and get "back in gear.” The holiday season is not an exception – someone is always hiring and consistent effort increases the odds of being in the right place at the right time! Happy holidays and happy job searching.


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