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Holiday health habits

Choose healthy snacks and meals
Choose healthy snacks and meals
l. woolley

We all want to enjoy the holidays with family and friends. So often we’ve enjoyed the holidays but face the New Year with more weight and regret for eating too many sweets too often. This season let’s set up some ground rules to follow so all we gain is good memories.

1. Place all of your party dates on a calendar. On those days know that you will most likely be eating and drinking more than usual, so plan on having a light breakfast and lunch.

2. Try having a salad, soup, or sandwich for lunch Monday thru Friday’s during the month of December. By cutting some calories during lunch, you may just keep close to your normal caloric intake even with holiday dinners and dinner parties.

3. Eat vegetables daily. Try to include them for at least two meals every day. Besides being lower in calories, the right vegetables can help keep your blood sugar level closer to what is healthy for your body.

4. Choose at least 3 days a week where you keep the promise to say no to sweet indulgences. If you’re keeping sweets out of your diet for at least 3 days you are still enjoying the specialties of the holidays more than half of your week. That’s a lot of sugar. Mark the sweet days on your calendar and make sure it’s not every day.

5. Try to keep from eating anything after 8 at night. Practicing this can help you from getting too many calories too late at night. If you’re not staying up late, your body is going to store these calories; this means you’re going to be adding fat to your diet right before you head for bed.

6. Exercise and stretch daily. Even if your schedule is busy, try to get in 10 minutes of stretching and 10 minutes of walking.

The holidays are fun and a great time to share with friends and relatives. Let’s get ourselves used to some of these six holiday habits to keep ourselves happy and healthy!