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Holiday gift giving tips for multiples

One SingAMaJig will just not cut it for toddler twins
One SingAMaJig will just not cut it for toddler twins

The holidays are a time of giving, receiving, and celebrating, but for the person shopping for twins, triplets, or more, it can be downright confusing. How do you shop for multiples? Can they share a gift? Does each child need a separate gift, and if so, should they get the exact same item or something different? The answers to these questions depend on several factors.


The age of the multiples is a large deciding factor in how many and what types of gifts to purchase. Infants twelve months and under can often share gifts, as they are easily distractible and usually haven’t begun to fight over toys yet. Perhaps select one different age appropriate toy for each child, such as a stacker toy and a set of soft blocks. As they near toddlerhood, multiples start to gain a sense of “I want what she has,” and while sharing definitely needs to be taught, sometimes it’s only fair to give each child their own item. In this case, maybe two V-Tech laptops, so each can play games on their own computer, or two Magnadoodles, so they can each be entertained in the car.


As multiples get older, they, like all children, develop their own personalities, tastes, likes, and dislikes. One twin may be into remote controlled cars, while the other is into science experiments. Ask the parents, or the children themselves, what is on their list this year.

Type/expense of gift

Giving something larger this year, like a game console? Very few children would expect to receive two Wii consoles, although if giving games, two different titles may be appropriate, depending on your budget. As for MP3 players and hand held gaming devices, this is also a situation in which separate gifts may be more beneficial. If it’s out of your budget to purchase one for each child, collaborate with another friend or family member to get each child their own. Though they may receive fewer small gifts that year, they will appreciate the thoughtfulness of getting their own major gift, and parents will appreciate not having to referee arguments over an iPod.

Do you have multiples to shop for this year? What route are you planning to take on regards to their gifts?

Are you shopping for an older twin or parents of twins? Abigail Pogrebin's book One and the Same: My Life as an Identical Twin and What I've Learned About Everyone's Struggle to be Singular makes the perfect thoughtful gift.

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  • Profile picture of Brooke Dunbar
    Brooke Dunbar 4 years ago

    Good tips! (and for the record, I love the sing-a-ma-jigs.. so cute... multiples or not)

  • Profile picture of Leigh Ann Torres
    Leigh Ann Torres 4 years ago

    They are awesome! Every time we go to the grocery store we spend time at the display, and the big girls usually get one to entertain them in the cart. I hope their Nana remembers that she promised them some for Christmas... ;)

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