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Holiday foods to avoid with pets

Pom puppy eating his veggies!
Pom puppy eating his veggies!
Julia Jenkins

Do you know that certain types of human foods can be dangerous to your pups’ health? Around the holiday season it becomes especially important to know which foods to avoid indulging your dog with. This isn’t a complete list of everything out there that can make your dog sick, but the foods listed below are pretty common during the Christmas season.

Fido Feeding Don’ts:

Chocolate: We have all probably heard that chocolate is bad for our pets, but did you ever know why? It’s because it over stimulates the nervous system and heart.

Grapes, raisins: An unknown toxin causes damage to

the kidneys. Indications include increased drinking and urination.

Fish, poultry bones: Can cause death by choking, also can cause

tears in the digestive system if fully ingested.

Alcohol: This seems to be an obvious no-no, but a remarkable

number of pets are given alcohol. It can induce seizures, coma even death

Causes damage to red blood cells causes anemia.

Signs of sickness are vomiting, weakness, red urine.

Onion:  Damage to red blood cells which causes anemia.

Watch for vomiting, weakness, red urine.

Avocados: Causes injury to the heart muscle. It is toxic to both dogs and

cats, but especially birds.

Macadamia nuts:  Muscle and nervous system damage.

Watch for tremors, lethargy and fever/increased temperature.

But this isn't to say all human foods or table scraps are bad for you dog, its all about knowing what to feed them. Check back soon for a list of healthy human foods that can be added to your dogs regular food to increase his nutrient intake.


  • Kimmie 5 years ago

    That's really great to read- informative article. I had no idea all these things were bad for my dog- I only knew about the chocolate.