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Holiday dating gift ideas


If you feel like you should, or you just plain want to give your new mate a gift for the holidays, I’ve put together some suggestions. It’s a tricky topic to broach when you start dating someone just before the holidays. A rule that I use is to not expect a gift from the other person. We shouldn’t expect gifts anyway. It’s the season of giving not getting. If you are the type of person who gifts to everyone over the holidays, then there is no shame in giving your new partner a gift. There are no ‘rules’ as to when it’s OK to start buying presents for each other, so just do it if you feel like you want to. However, there are some things you should stay away from if your relationship is too new. Our goal is to be thoughtful not to creep the other person out.


Don’t buy your new partner a ‘star’. Stars can be purchased online at several websites. I am not even going to list any because we don’t want you to go buying someone you’ve been dating 3 weeks an astrological star and dedicating it to your everlasting love. This will send them running in the other direction. Besides, do you really think that you personally purchased a single star?

Don’t buy your new guy a red and white teddy bear in a Santa hat holding a heart that says "I wuv you".  In general, from what I understand anyhow, men do not like stuffed animals. They get shoved in the back of the corner and come out only if they remember, when you come over.

Don’t buy jewelry, home décor, expensive electronics or anything personal. You are in the budding stages of a relationship and these items scream 'too personal'. Besides if you buy something this nice at this stage of the game you’re setting a tone for all gift giving holidays. I’m not saying to be cheap or that I am, but it’s way too soon to be so personal or to spend so much money. Home décor just tells that person that you plan on re-decorating the entire place and that you plan on moving in to look at the things you like. 


Do remember his/her favorite movie/band/author. If they don’t own it, it’s a perfect gift. It’s not too personal, but it shows that you pay attention to what they like, and it’s appreciated. If they are a music junkie and like seeing indie bands in small venues, try going to Small’s or The Belmont in Hamtramck. You can purchase tickets right on the website.

Do get her flowers. It’s a simple gift that most women love and you’re not breaking the bank. It’s awesome if you know what her favorite flower and color are as well. She will feel wildly giddy and love them. It won’t matter if you give them to her or have them delivered. Try Lucido’s Florist in Grosse Point. Flowers are amazing and fresh!

Do take him out to dinner. It’s always nice to trade off on the bill, but usually the man ends up paying every time. Suggest that new place he wants to try or surprise him with picking up the tab. Men always love food. If you don’t have any ideas, there is a cool place in Detroit called Woodbridge Pub. They have a cool atmosphere (you can buy art off the walls!) and amazing burgers.

This will get you started with a few ideas and maybe inspired you to return something you already bought on the “Don’t list”. As usual, use your judgment. Everyone’s relationships are different, new and old, so take that into consideration and have a Happy Holiday season!

As usual, feel free to comment me or email me with suggestions!

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