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Holiday crafts and other projects for twins and multiples

Holiday crafts are a great way to celebrate the individuality of twins or multiples.  Your children will enjoy expressing their personalities through these fun projects:

  • You may want to keep the gingerbread house a family project to save money, but that doesn't mean your twins or multiples can't decorate their own gingerbread boy or girl.  You can find ingredients, decorations and cookie cutters at your local Boise grocery store.
  • Your twins or multiples can select and decorate a ornament from Michaels, such as a photo frame ornament.  You can even make this a yearly tradition for a truly personalized Christmas tree.  You and your children will treasure the memories these ornaments represent for years to come.
  • Your twins or multiples can decorate their own stockings as well, also available at Michaels
  • Have your twins or multiples make homemade Christmas cards - for each other!  Not only will this allow them to celebrate each others' differences, but it's a great way for them to show each other how much they enjoy their special bond.
  • If you're on a limited budget, you will be pleased to discover an unlimited supply of snow today in your own backyard.  Let your twins build and decorate their own snow boy or girl.  Join in the fun until you have a whole family of snowmen.

Ask your twins or multiples if they have their own ideas for a fun holiday craft or project they would like to complete separately or together.

Have another suggestion?  Share it in the comments below!