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Holiday budgets

Budget concerns loom large during the holidays
Budget concerns loom large during the holidays

The holidays are expensive no matter the size of your family.  If you have several children who each need gifts for their classmates and teachers (not to mention themselves!), the Christmas season can be absolutely frightening.

Here are some ideas that might help.

  • Get your kids involved in making gifts for friends and teachers.  A tin of cookies or another favorite holiday snack, for example.  Applesauce ornaments are another fun activity, and they make great presents.
  • Put your talents to good use.  Give gifts of your own photography, knitting, or drawing.  One popular gift this season are coffee cozies -- here's a knitting pattern, and here is one that can be sewn.
  • When shopping for your family, prepare your budget ahead of time.  You might save money by choosing a few smaller presents for each family member, then investing in a larger gift the whole family can enjoy (a video game or tickets to a Children's Theatre play, for example).