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Holiday breads are here: St. Mary's Cathedral hosts Christmas Food Market Nov. 1

St. Mary's Orthodox Cathedral
St. Mary's Orthodox Cathedral
K. Donatelle

Soothe your Halloween hangover with some hearty home-cooking Sunday morning in Northeast Minneapolis.

Two beautiful neighboring churches welcome the public to attend a pancake breakfast and Christmas Food Market.

St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral Women’s Club is hosting an annual Christmas Food Market at St. Mary’s, 1701 Fifth Street N.E., from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Sunday, Nov. 1. The church was founded in 1887 by Rusin immigrants (Austrians, Hungarians, Bohemians, Slovaks, Czechoslovaks, Russians, and Poles).

Traditional Eastern European holiday food items will be sold for take-out only. They include frozen perohi (like the Polish pierogi potato dumplings), holubki (stuffed cabbage rolls), sauerkraut, and holiday breads including poppy seed, cheese and nutrolls. Of course, there will be cookies. A cookie booth and pantry shelf will be open.

Parishioners have been baking holiday bread at the parish center all week.

“It’s been torture to work here because it smells so good,” said Resa Ellison, choir director at St. Mary’s.

Just down the block, Holy Cross Catholic Church, 1621 University Ave. NE, is hosting a pancake breakfast from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Interestingly enough, several families in the area have ties to both St. Mary’s and Holy Cross and split Sunday service time between the two, Ellison said.  Holy Cross is known for its Polish traditions including a weekly mass in Polish and the occasional Polka mass.

Enjoy homemade pancakes, sausages from Sentyrz, juice, coffee & milk, along with live music (usually polka-related) and a grocery raffle.

Cost is $6.00 for adults & $4.00 for children 12 and under.

The event is sponsored by the East Minneapolis Exchange Club. Proceeds help youth and seniors in Northeast Minneapolis.

Come out for pancakes and then swing by St. Mary’s and take home some homemade baked goods to save for the holidays.

For more information: St. Mary's or call 612-781-7667. 
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