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Holiday accessories and parties

As holiday parties are approaching quickly, you may think that you have to buy more dresses, but that isn't so. Part of what we like to teach here in our fashion accessories, is how to refreshen outfits simply by changing the accessories. Holiday parties are quite indicative of wearing the 'little black dress', but how about adding a red dress as well? A couple of dresses that are basic in design, and are a solid color, are the best to change out your accessories with.

Whether you are wearing a simple black, red, green or gold dress, it is amazing how many different ways you can dress up that dress with accessories. The mix of metals is trending right now, meaning mixing gold and silver accessories. Even wearing a gold metallic dress, a long silver necklace will stand out beautifully! Add on amazing bangles of all metals and colors is simply festive.

Another way to change up the look of your dress, is to use a wrap or an over-sized scarf. Place the middle over one shoulder and wear a belt over the middle holding the rest of the scarf in, can add dramatic color and design. Mix long and short strands of necklaces, or wear a few, with one of them having colored stones adds a dramatic piece to any simple dress.

There are trunk shows and jewelry parties and great savings galore out right now, but if you really are watching a good budget, host a costume jewelry party with your friends. Everyone brings over pieces that they do not want to wear anymore for whatever reason, have some wine and cheese and swap out jewelry! Bring over dresses and hang them on hangers to see how the accessories will look. It is a completely fun night of designing and accessorizing without breaking the bank at all. Each person brings their items, either a bottle of wine, or a block of cheese, crackers or olives and it will be an amazing girls night. The bonus is, you will now have new accessories to get through the holiday parties. This is going to be so much fun and as girls, of course that is what we like to do!

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