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Holding the Light in the face of chaos

Choosing to be Co-Creators
Choosing to be Co-Creators

An Awakened Soul Intuition student wrote me and shared how deeply affected she is by all the chaos in the world. My thoughts, if they serve...

Earth is a dense plane of existence. Period. In anytime. In any place. I do so many past life regressions and I witness very horrific "past lives" all the time. Truth is we don't need to look to this past life scenario to see horror and tragedy. There are a classroom of missing girls on the other side of the planet, there is battling over sacred land that threatens to spill more blood daily and ego and greed that tears down the hopes and savings of many.

What does this mean? Prayer. Cleansing. Connecting with sacred community. Connecting with our SILENCE in solitude. Connecting with nature, to replenish and release what doesn't serve. Connecting to WHAT REALLY MATTERS.

What can this mean? SHINING OUR LIGHT because it is needed like never before!

While we may argue that our modern world is better than much of our experience in history we are now in the unique position to destroy Gaia hundreds of times over.

So what would a badass LIGHTworker SOUL do?

Yes, we all have our days when we want to go back under the covers but if you are reading and feel the slight tingles in your body, in your heart and in your Soul…you know better. And you remember what Mama Maya Angelou said," When you know better, you do better."

Intuitives, Visionaries, Soul Warriors…we KNOW better <3

What can this mean when all we hear is how the world is falling apart?

Taking an action when moved to. IF one feels called to blog, video or rally for a cause…one should. I have so many times. This doesn't mean that we don't feel slogged down sometimes and that at other times we are silly with hopeful flight and the unlimited potential of BEING.

The hard thing to accept is, if we are to hold that expansive view of the Universe is that there are no victims. There are CO-CREATORS. To keep seeing ourselves as VICTIMS no matter how terrifying our path may have been, is to shut out a huge part of our untapped potential.

In my humble view, I believe that we are HERE, NOW on PURPOSE and through CHOICE.

We are actors learning to UNMASK ourselves from what

we've been told





There are roles that are being played out by eternal Souls. Pretty terrible and difficult to comprehend or accept, especially if we've lost family in the Holocaust, wars, dictatorships, earthquakes or other horrific events.

I don't believe this means we do nothing. We must speak out when moved to and do what we can to inspire and create peace and change. Yet, I do not believe that we SHRINK in the face of hate, pain, suffering and confusion. ON the contrary, we must HOLD that which is threatened. Holding vigil with our hearts full of compassion, love, peace and SACRED ACTION.

Keep emanating PEACE and AFFIRM that this evolves in a beneficial and healing way for all. Have you thought of gathering a peace circle meditation? I've held these in my community in NYC throughout the years. It helps all of us feel connected and feel like we are using all the "energy" that rises from the pain and sadness in a constructive way! Have you thought of sharing messages of deep value to you?

Many of us sensitives feel "guilty" for being happy when there is such serious unrest in the world. Embrace the goodness that is your life as this sends powerful positive energy into the world and know, that undoubtedly, at some point you may have had an intense, extreme existences as well.

We can't volunteer for the good and then be dragged into the bad.

We volunteer for this amazing experience on Earth School and it has many ways of showing us WHO WE ARE.


Fifty-seven young women were in a room pretty worried about being creamed in a Debate tournament against policy debaters that had more experience. Fear worried them and made them doubt themselves. I told them, " You WIN by SHOWING UP. What happens after you show up is all EXPERIENCE. Let's be curious!" And you know that many went out there and were undefeated? All learned about competing, showing up and had a new experience.

WE are like the many that have never done a thing and are worried. WE are like the many that have seen others do a thing an fit not go well…Let's do the thing that moves us!



Yeah, then SHOW UP, AGAIN.

AGAIN. MORE and MORE of YOU shining and SHOWING UP.

It's easy to be fabulous when all is well. The people we admire through history shone a light in the darkness. This is not to invite this in, it's to realize that for some reason our experience here is one of yin/yang and dark/light. Is it pure exploration?

Is it to realize that we are in the end PURE LOVE & POTENTIAL and the defining factor is HOW we CHOOSE to CO-CREATE?

So many things to take into our mere human bodies and amazing brains…our expansive heart & Soul holds all this and more.

Loving YOU and BEING ALL IN <3 V


© vcc 2014

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