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Holding off Ageless Time

There's an 'age old' saying that goes, "age ain't nothing but a number". It is true in the sense of in how old you are doesn't make you more capable to live out the life you are in now or when you were younger.

Each day goes as another one passes, nothing different except your reaction to this certain revolving outline called day. And in this outline with its routines being set forward at a timely course; ask yourself what is really laid-out before you.

What is thing called time, where it's the only thing that is never routine. Time ticks on, as the day passes. Are the days thorough enough to realize yourself? Or are you the thorough one (keeping your days in check)? Is what gets someone through the day the same "whatever" it takes for you to get through yours?

If age really were a number, can you say that someone younger could have lived life a lot more than you have. As being someone older, how do we rate on age? Is age being a measure of life where a teenager sows this, a young adult experiences this, an ADULT has seen all of it, an elderly can't help but think, "why does it even have to matter?" WISE AREN'T THEY?

If age were numbers, and I based it on say, 25 + 30 X youth: that could be like saying --

IINTOLERANCE + SELFISHNESS x YOU: EQUALS MEASURE UP, maybe an age could be too young.

Age in numbers, are they in a lifetime for life at stake, or are they there as an excuse for humanity being biased. Standing by biases or aging consecutively, where does life live on.

Maintain your ability to control, always. What else can really matter but to utilize.


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