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Holding girl in bathtub: Family of 9 y/o girl charged for bathtub 'punishment'

A bathtub
A bathtub
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Holding a girl in a bathtub was considered a proper form of punishment for a few family members who have now been charged in a very strange, serious case. On Jan. 20 Click2Houston reported that the girl's mother, father, grandmother, and her grandmother's roommate were all arrested on Friday and have been charged with endangering a child.

"Police said the girl told investigators that in early December her grandmother told her to get into the bathtub half filled with water at the grandmother's Bryan home," Click2Houston reports. The young girl was "punished" by her family members for acting up at school -- but the punishment that they saw fit was actually very dangerous and completely unacceptable.

Holding the girl in a bathtub could have killed her but the relatives were careful not to let it get that far. The girl told authorities that one of the people mentioned above would ask her a question to start. After she answered, her head was dunked under water for an undisclosed amount of time. The girl referred to it like a "baptism" but using three people to hold someone under water sounds more like cruelty.

People who have heard this story are hoping that all four people involved in these acts are properly punished. Practically drowning a child in a bathtub is in no way proper punishment for anything.

Holding a girl in a bathtub could land all of the accused behind bars for up to two years each.

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