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Holding girl in bathtub: Punishment was 'like a baptism,' girl says

Girl held in tub as punishment.
Girl held in tub as punishment.
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Four people were arrested for holding a girl in a bathtub as a form of punishment. Police said a nine-year-old girl was forced down in a tub with water when she acted up in school. College Station Eagle reported Jan.19 that "the girl's mother, father, grandmother and grandmother's roommate were arrested Friday and charged with abandoning or endangering a child in connection with the incident in early December."

The grandmother -- Jaqueline Robinson, 54 -- called the child to tell her she was going to face consequences for being bad in school. So, the child's parents -- Adrian Lomont Robinson, 33, and Shauna Lachelle Burns, 29 -- drove the girl over to grandma's home in Bryan, Texas. Once there, the grandmother ordered the nine-year-old to get in the tub. Also present and taking part in the cruel punishment, was Jacqueline Robinson's 57-year-old roommate, Larry Boyd.

All four allegedly were holding the girl in a bathtub that was described by her as being "like a baptism." She said during process she was asked a question then dipped and held under a half a tub of water by all of the accused a "bunch of times," if her grandmother was not satisfied with her answer.

The grandmother reportedly took a little too much joy in the mean-spirited punishment by forcing the girl underwater again when the child told her she would behave when she goes back to school. The woman supposedly did not believe her granddaughter when she said she would improve her behavior.

Adrian Robinson explained to police that using a belt on his daughter and taking things away from her did not prevent her from acting up with teachers. She was afraid of water and the family decided to use her fear against her as a "last resort," the report said.

All four family members are being charged with abandoning or endangering a child for holding the girl down in a bathtub. It is a state felony punishable by up to two years in jail if found guilty.

Some people have sick punishment rituals and the only good thing about this type of thing making the news is that the child's family has been caught. Using someone's fear against them is over-the-top cruel. It goes without saying that holding the girl in a bathtub was repulsive and unimaginable.

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