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Holders of Associate of Arts degrees do well

Those who have an Associate of Arts degree are doing fairly well on the job market. People have an Associate of Arts degree in health care, information technology and the building field are earning middle to upper middle class salaries.

"I have an Associate of Arts degree in the nursing field and I am earning about $55,000 annually. I love nursing. It is a field with unlimited potential. There will always be a need for people who can care for others. And the population is getting older so there is even more need. I may go back to school and get bachelor's degree or even a master's degree. Or I may just continue to working and enjoying the salary I now receive," said Maria Gonzalez, a nurse in Miami.

"There is a strong demand for people like me with an information technology background. I have always been good with numbers and I love working on computers. I earned an Associate of Science degree in computer science and I now earn about $70,000 a year. The reason I am doing so well is that I can solve computer problems that businesses are having. If you can do that you will always been in demand. I know because I am always fielding job offers," said Jorge Ortega of Miami.

"When I earned my Associate of Science degree in computer science, I received three high paying job offers. I like programming and I like computers. The future is unlimited with computers. I learn something new everyday and I hope to develop a business using my computer skills," said Mark Washington of North Miami.

Some people who have a bachelor's degree are struggling to find a high paying job. Heather Swanson has an English degree and hopes to work as a high school teacher. She has not received an offer and now waits tables. "I actually make good money waiting tables. But I want to be a teacher because it pays more and offers good benefits," said Swanson of Miramar.

Bill Sooner works in the construction trade. "I have an Associate of Science degree in construction management. I am working in a family business in construction. It is a field I have worked in with my father and uncle since I was 14," said Sooner of Miami.

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