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Hold your breath and hope for change

Vote for me
Vote for me
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The Democrat National Convention begins this week. I will watch none of it. I did not watch any of the Republican Convention in Tampa last week either.

There is a very simple reason for this. Have you ever watched one of these dog and pony shows? Each party gathers its fanatical faithful and preaches their brand of hell fire and damnation to them about the other party.

The faithful jump up and down constantly during the speeches and at key moments, wave their hands or banners or signs wildly, screaming the whole time, their eyes wide and in some cases they appear to be foaming at the mouth.

The delegates wander the convention floor wearing some of the most bizarre headgear; stuffed donkeys or elephants. They might carry little bobble head dolls of their heroes or wear T shirts with their likeness on them.

The speakers at these conventions do their best to denigrate the other side. They pick out the latest “gotcha” lines; did he really run that fast in the marathon? Has he really not paid taxes for the last ten years? Did their chairman really compare us to Nazis? Senile actors talk to empty chairs.

They stand on their podiums and shout “If you vote for THAT GUY, you are making a mistake. Your world will crumble, your children will starve, your taxes will skyrocket, the air will become poison and you will wind up back in chains. We will lose the middle class and you might even be deported just because you’re here illegally!”

And the faithful will listen. They will stamp their feet, scream, wave, and slather voluminously.

For those with a bit more common sense, it will be understood that no one man or woman can destroy this nation. They cannot stop global climate change, clean up the air or water, stop the ice floes from melting, or make sure that we all have great jobs, nice houses, and eternal happiness. It has taken an entire government to screw up this country over many years.

By all means, I urge you to go out and vote. It is your right as an American to choose in whom to put your trust. Men and women have fought and died for you to have this right.

When all is said and done and we either have a new face in the White House or the same face, just don’t be surprised when nothing changes. The poor will still be poor, the middle class will still struggle to maintain the status quo, and the rich will still be rich.

It’s the American way.


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