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Hold the bag: uses for empty cereal box bags

Wax Paper
Wax Paper

What do you do with those bags once your box of cereal is empty? If you're like most people you probably throw them away, unsuspecting of their many recycled uses.

Empty cereal bags are great in the kitchen. Simply wipe out the crumbs and dust and they are ready for use. One of their great uses is to package meat. They offer an added layer of protection against freezer burn. The bags can be cut open to lay flat, acting as a sheet of waxed paper, or you can cut them down, having a short bag and a flat sheet. Simply wrap the meat and put in labeled freezer bag. The flat sheet is also excellent to use between individual pieces of meat, especially burgers, steaks, and pork chops, so they are easier to handle and separate later.

Another great use for empty cereal bags is for lining cookie sheets and cake pans. Just cut open the bag and use in place of parchment or waxed paper. They are also great for cake decorating, including for making flowers and lettering. Use anytime you're working with food coloring and dyes to protect counter tops from stains.

Still another use is for marinating meats. Marinated meat tastes great, but if the marinade is oil based it can be a mess to clean up. It's even worse if the container leaks in the refrigerator. Place the meat in an empty cereal bag with the marinade first. When you're done just throw it away with no mess to clean up. It is also a great way to freeze the meat in the marinade without worrying about the freezer bag leaking as they are thicker.

Basically cereal bags can be used for most anything you normally use waxed or parchment paper for. So next time you empty your box of Cheerios remember to save that bag! It's an easy way to save a few pennies on waxed or parchment paper, and you will be helping reduce the amount of trash finding its way to the landfill.

Many things have other purposes aside from the one they were originally intended. I love being able to reuse something once its original job is done, and if it can save some money in the process...well, who doesn't love that? It's good to think outside the "bag"! So, until next time, Happy Saving!

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