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Hold out against undervalued work

Slips in paying a San DIegan who works for a city contractor the city's living wage deserve more than a warning. The workers depend on full wages to earn a full income at work. An income that does not put a worker in a position cuts in their own life footing, or, the value in the earnings investment in the family, are necessary.

Enforce the living wage ordinance without following the employer's judgment on sharing the money made with city contract work. Wages have to match the value in money the city law sets. The employer's plan to decide their own in kind pay in return for work is not decisive. Money made on the job must get paid. Or, the employer is in the wrong.

The city council's January 28th decision to not hold back on enforcing the ordinance against employers who underpay on the living wage deal two or more times in two years gurantees more cases of underpayment will get settled. The 57 percent of charges that stuck in 49 complaints during the eight and a half years since the city's council first adopted the living wage ordinance in June 2005 comes in below an income protection line count. Repeat violators will get their turn to agree on a good return on city work.

Underpayments are unforgivable even in the cases there was not an intent to keep the worker's wages low, but, the money handed out, by decision, lowers the worker's financial condition. The council's decision to add strength in limiting employers options, by changing the definition of "willful violator" stops willful decisions to underpay. Willing ofers of pay below the living wage are enough. Letting employers without a "deliberate malicious purpose" or "an intent to deceive" get away with underpayments on the guaranteed worth in city work falls short on preventing city paid workers from not getting paid enough to plainly live above the average worker who takes the same kind of work.

No more taking labor for city projects nad services without paying the earned wage.

A firm colorful examination on truth.

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