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Hoffman heroin: MA cops warn of lethal strain as Hoffman's partner plans funeral

As investigators continue investigating the shocking death of Philip Seymour Hoffman from an apparent heroin overdose, his former 15-year partner Mimi O'Donnell emerged in Manhattan Tuesday, apparently to plan the late actor's funeral, according to Radar Online on Feb. 4.

Philip Seymour Hoffman pictured in happier times with his longtime partner Mimi O'Donnell, who he'd split with just prior to his overdose death Feb. 2. Images

Meanwhile, reports that Hoffman injected a lethal dose of a more powerful strain of heroin sometime over the weekend, have authorities in Massachusetts and even users in NYC issuing warnings.

Police in Attleboro, Massachusetts released a disturbing alert Monday morning about the presence of a "high-purity" batch of heroin, much like that which killed Hoffman, according to Radar.

Attleboro Police Chief Kyle Heagney cited at least a dozen overdoses in the city in January alone. On Friday night, a 28-year-old mother of a six-year-old was found dead from an accidental overdose.

Massachusetts authorities believe the strain plaguing their state is a purer batch cut with fewer diluting agents. Hoffman's dose was reportedly mixed with powerful narcotic Fentanyl. But in either case, users can easily misjudge their tolerance and fatally overdose.

Sources tell TMZ that Hoffman confided in them back in December that he'd started injecting heroin and couldn't kick it. During the last 6 weeks he often appeared disheveled and dirty.

At one point someone asked him how bad his addiction was, and he responded, "If I don't stop I know I'm gonna die.", according to the source.

The Oscar-winning 46-year-old actor was also apparently drinking heavily, which didn't help when it came to his making decisions about using heroin.

And a female heroin user from NYC told TMZ how when she injected herself with a small amount of "Ace of Hearts" heroin back in Sept., she stopped breathing almost instantly and had to be revived with CPR.

The woman who wanted to remain anonymous claims she told cops about the potentially lethal "Ace of Hearts" strain as soon as she got out of the hospital.

The woman says she even saw Hoffman on the streets in the weeks leading up to his untimely death, and according to her it was apparent he was strung out.

It's not yet being reported whether Hoffman injected himself with "Ace of Hearts" the day he died.

But it appears he may have died quickly after an injection, since a needle was still sticking out of his left arm when his body was found.

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