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Hoffman had 50 bags of heroin: Last drug deal possibly on ATM camera

50 bags of heroin found at Hoffman's apartment.
50 bags of heroin found at Hoffman's apartment.
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Philip Seymour Hoffman had 50 bags of heroin and numerous prescription drugs in his apartment, which is the latest coming from the NYPD today. Hoffman was found dead in his NYC apartment with with the needle still in his arm on Sunday.

According to Fox News live on Feb. 3, a witness saw Hoffman take out a large sum of money from an ATM and pay two men, believed to be the men who sold him the heroin. Police will be following that lead to try and find the person or people who sold Hoffman the drugs.

TMZ reports today that many of the bags of heroin were full and many unused needles were found at his home. They suggest that he was ready for a heroin binge.

Hoffman’s body was found in his apartment, which he rented for $10,000 a month. It is right around the corner from his $4million dollar home, which is occupied by his partner of 15 years and their three young kids. Hoffman and his long-time girlfriend separated a while ago and he took the apartment to be near the kids.

When he didn’t show up to pick up the kids on Sunday, a friend went to his apartment and found him dead. Police are also looking into the possibility that the heroin Hoffman used came from the same batch of extremely potent heroin that has killed dozens of people on the east coast. It is so potent that even long-term heroin users are dying from overdoses.