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Hodes not shying away from health care issue

Senate passes Health Care Bill, 12-24-09
Senate passes Health Care Bill, 12-24-09

A WMUR Granite State poll conducted in late Sept./early Oct. showed Kelly Ayotte leading Paul Hodes by single digits, but polling 14 months out is easily dismissed by the Hodes campaign as he continues to talk up the health care reform bill.

While some may argue that hitching a ride on Obama’s health care plan is a risky strategy for Democratic candidates, Hodes has embraced the issue with enthusiasm and vocal support.

Several GOP contenders, including Ovide Lamontagne and Kelly Ayotte have been firing back, taking decidedly different positions than Hodes on health care reform. Lamontagne said in his December Union Leader opinion editorial that that “we need a government ’do over,’ not a takeover of health care.” Just before Christmas, Ayotte chided Congress saying they need a “time-out” and more “common-sense reforms,” like capping medical malpractice awards.


  • Rick 5 years ago

    Paul Hodes is losing to a Republican in EVERY public opinion poll. How can the author of this piece say with a straight face that such abysmal polling can be "easily dismissed." Hodes is in serious trouble and his campaign knows it. He’s even in trouble with his Democrat base, which is growing increasingly frustrated with his poor start. That’s why he is being forced to the left, even though he doesn’t even have a primary opponent. Ms. Annunziata, your writing is poor and your analysis is ill informed and just flat out ridiculous. You are nothing but a Democrat hack posing as a reporter.

  • jim 5 years ago

    it sounds to me like some people just like to damnify the writer and not read what they have to say.