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Hockey player dad applauds mothers

#27 Guillaume Desbiens
Lake Erie Monsters

Number 27 of the Lake Erie Monsters hockey team plays the Right Wing position on the ice. But off the ice, he’s husband and dad.

Guillaume Desbiens [pronounced Gee-awm Day-byen] is the proud father of one-year old daughter, Olive. I talked with Desbiens while the team was en route to Grand Rapids, Michigan, for Wednesday night’s game.

Desbiens and the team are back home at Quicken Loans Arena, Friday, February 7 at 7:30, taking on the San Antonio Rampage. Get your tickets here.

He shared with me his thoughts on parenting and why he applauds mothers.

Has your daughter been to any of your games? She’s been to three or four games, but since we play past her bedtime my wife [Alexa] leaves right after the first period. She comes to all afternoon games when there is one.

What did you think parenting would be like? Now that you are a parent, what IS it like? I always wanted children and knew it would be a lot of fun but also very hard. There are no classes or tips that can prepare you for how hard it really is. I wouldn’t change a thing though--watching her grow and become a little person is so rewarding. She’s almost always happy. She makes my wife and I so proud.

What’s Olive’s toy of choice? She’s into Mickey Mouse and the gang right now.

Have you changed diapers, moments before hitting the ice? I have, although, my wife is amazing and usually does the heavy lifting on game day so I can rest up for my game.

How do you handle being away from your family? Being gone so often during the regular season makes it really hard. When I’m gone for only a few days, I feel like Olive has grown so much. I always joke with my wife, telling her, every time I get back, Olive will do or say something new that her next step will probably be off to college!

On a more serious note, as hard as it might be on me, it's even harder for my wife who has to do it all on her own. Moms are really something out of the ordinary and the world wouldn’t be the same without them!

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