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Hockey fans' beer lawsuit: Idaho hockey fans duped by pricey ales file suit
Same amount of beer, different cup sizes? That's a lwsuit right there, says Idaho hockey fans.

Hockey fans have filed a “beer lawsuit” in Idaho, claiming that their Boise arena beers are not giving them a proper return for their money. The lawsuit alleges that high-priced $7 brews sold in larger cups contain the same amount of liquid gold as a $4 brew. And now they’re suing over it.

I’ll drink to that.

According to Fox Sports on Thursday, “CenturyLink Arena, home of the Idaho Steelheads hockey team, defrauded customers by charging $3 more for a tall, narrow cup advertised as a ‘large’ that actually holds the same amount of beer as the shorter, wider cup described as a ‘small.’”

Our beer-drinking, sports-going suit filers were Brady Peck, Michele Bonds and William and Brittany Graham, and on behalf of every arena-attending sport enthusiast who has been ripped off by drinks that are completely overpriced to begin with, a hearty thanks goes out.

The lawsuit filing came after a YouTube video, seen here, was posted that showed fans testing the beer amounts right at the concession stands at the arena.

"While different shapes, both cup sizes hold substantially the same amount of liquid and are not large versus small in actual capacity," attorney Wyatt Johnson wrote in the lawsuit. "Defendants knowingly sold each of their beers in a similar manner at each event held at the arena where beer was sold for at least the last five years."

The fans are asking for $10,000 in “damages.” They said they calculated the amount of beer they were shorted on over the years and determined that $10K was a nice round number that would make up for their lost ales.

Eric Trapp, the president of the Idaho Steelheads hockey team and CenturyLink Arena, wrote on the team’s Facebook page that the company has now ordered 16-ounce and 20-ounce cups and that they never had any intention to mislead customers.

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