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Hockey and the Knoxville Ice Bears

Typical ice rink for hockey.
Typical ice rink for hockey.
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Hockey is a tough game, but it is packed with excitement. A good team to watch is the Ice Bears at the Knoxville Civic Auditorium and Coliseum. The next game will be played on February 28, 2014 against the Fayetteville FireAntz.

Each game consists of three periods that last 20 minutes apiece. Sometimes, the score ends in a tie after the three periods are finished. If the game ends in a tie, one more goal must be scored for the purpose of determining a winner. This goal must be scored in three minutes or less. This three-minute tie-breaker is known as sudden death overtime.

What if a goal is not scored in sudden death overtime? If the score is still tied after sudden death overtime, then a shoot-out is initiated. With each team alternating five players at a time, shoot-out goals are made. The team with the most shoot-out goals wins.

The rink has a defensive zone, a neutral zone, and an offensive zone. The offensive zone is the area the home team moves into to score.

The Fan Zone is a page on the Ice Bear’s website that is packed with information about hockey and the Ice Bears. The Kids Zone is where kids come to the Exhibition Hall during a home game to have lots of fun!


Knoxville Ice Bears

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