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Hobby Lobby vilified by left despite adherence to their many left principles

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Following the Supreme Court’s Burwell v Hobby Lobby decision on Monday Hobby Lobby has been vilified by the left-wing media and postings on social media by liberals. Many are pledging never to shop at the craft retailer claiming they seek to impose their religious viewpoints on their employees or to undermine women in the workplace.

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The Supreme Court decision upheld The Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993, which provides that the government will not substantially burden the free exercise of religion in its public policy. It received near unanimous support in Congress and was signed into law by President Bill Clinton.

At issue was the desire of the deeply religious Green family, owners of Hobby Lobby, should be forced to provide the abortifacient “morning after pill” for free as part of the company-sponsored health care benefit. The court sided with the Green family stating the government’s interest in providing the morning after pill to limit at no charge could be met through other means and that the chain was already offering contraceptives as a free benefit.

Postings on various social media websites have indicated that the Supreme Court’s decision media bosses can inflict their religious beliefs on their employees. Others say that because the chain sells merchandise made in China, where the government requires abortion they are being hypocritical and not providing it for their employees.

Under ACA the Green family would be required to directly pay for the abortive morning after pill. There is no doubt this is because of the family’s belief that life begins at conception and abortion kills that life. They do not want to directly pay for those abortions. However the case was not about abortion, was about the religious freedom the family has when it comes to what they believe is a violation of the commandment “thou shalt not kill”.

Hobby Lobby could have done what other companies do I reducing their employees 40 hour workweek to a part-time workweek thereby exempting those employees from the requirements of the Affordable Care Act. The chain refused to do so exemplifying their commitment to their employees.

Green family’s religious beliefs displayed

Owners have adopted policies that treat employees in a Christ-like manner. They close their stores every Sunday so that employees can worship with their families. They do not force this worship, they only make it available without employees having to ask for the day off. They also pay full time employees in minimum of $14 per hour and offer an extensive benefit package. Even part-time employees are paid at least nine dollars per hour, while above the minimum wage decried by liberals as a subservient rate of pay.

As for the claim the chain purchases from China and thereby supports abortion in China there are two things to remember. First, they are not directly paying for abortions. They are paying companies that employ people in a country, China, where the government pays for the required abortion of mothers that have already given birth once. Second, there are very few industrialized countries that do not pay for abortions for their citizens, the United States included. Where would they buy the merchandise sold in their stores so they can pay their employee’s wages way above average and provide an excellent benefit package?

Even the company’s profits are used, as a left would desire, to give back to the community. The Green family is establishing a Bible Museum in Washington, D.C. to house the largest collection of rare Bibles in the world. Even in this library the family will not force its religious beliefs on others as a family has declared the museum will only put the Bibles on display but not take stands on biblical issues including homosexuality, abortion, or “political commentary” according to Museum COO Cary Summers.

Viagra and birth control

Another left wing claim is that Hobby Lobby devalues women because they provide free Viagra while objecting to providing free birth control. They claim court decision in which all female justices voted in the dissent expands the war on women. In fact ACA does not require any insurance plan to cover Viagra and does require free birth control. Hobby Lobby follows this requirement of ACA other than the abortifacient that were classified in ACA as preventative birth control despite being abortifacient.


The call to boycott would mean that crafting liberals would buy their supplies and competitive chains such as Michael’s. Of course Walmart also carries a wide selection of craft products but is not included in a list of chains to be supported. This is because Walmart is believed to pay near minimum wage and sell items made outside of the United States. Of course Michael’s matches Walmart’s wages and import profile.

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