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Hobby Lobby supported birth control methods before it was against them

Hobby Lobby supports the birth control methods they oppose
Hobby Lobby supports the birth control methods they oppose
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

According to a report released by Mother Jones, Hobby Lobby may have invested in companies that provide the very contraceptive methods they fought against, taking it all the way to The Supreme Court. It seems they invested some $73 million in pharmaceutical companies that make the very types of birth control they fight against.

The companies they invested in include Bayer, Teva Pharmaceutical and Pfizer, also known as the companies that make drugs such as Plan B. To be fair, the companies make many pharmaceutical drugs in addition to those, but shouldn’t a company that fought so hard to avoid paying their employees for these very drugs stop, you know, paying companies that make these drugs?

On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby in a controversial case, saying that they did not have to pay for services that are in conflict with their religious views. At the core of the case were religious rights, Obamacare mandates, womens’ rights, and the rights of people to have their medical procedures paid for by other people.

According to CNN Money, there are several ways Hobby Lobby could avoid paying for those services they are so adamantly opposed to. One way is to use financial firms such as Ave Maria Funds, a group that strives to provide investment packages that follow Catholic values.

So, it seems that Hobby Lobby’s decision to only provide sixteen forms of contraception instead of twenty may have been financially motivated instead of a religious objection. They now have the legal high ground, but maybe not the moral one.

The ruling on Monday did not say that Hobby Lobby could stop providing all forms of contraception, only the four specific forms, including the Plan B pill, Ella, and certain IUDs. Many anti-abortion activists believe these are the same thing as abortion, as they can be effective after a fertilization has occurred.

Hobby Lobby must still provide many other forms of birth control, including everything from condoms and birth control pills to vasectomies and sterilization. The fight doesn’t appear to be over, however, and until all of these methods become available over the counter it seems we will see more of these fights.

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