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Hobby Lobby Sets Stage for Health Care Reform

Hobby Lobby has a voice.
Hobby Lobby has a voice.

The backlash of the Hobby Lobby ruling was quite interesting in Chicago. Many people I know, on Facebook for example, started spitting out words that put down Hobby Lobby as a Christian based company or things that were false about the case itself. This could change the course of health care reform.

Everyone has a preconceived notion about almost everything. Politics, religion and raising kids are good examples of this. Hobby Lobby, being a company, has a voice. They were heard loud and clear from the court ruling. Hobby Lobby is still in the news, a couple of weeks later.

Hobby Lobby stood for something. You may not agree with them. Then again, who always agrees with you and your opinion?

I have to admit; some disagreements with my wife do not go over well. I’m reminded often that just because I think I’m right does not mean she agrees with me and vise versa. All of us value things differently. Hobby Lobby has a core set of values and stuck to their guns, Christian or not.

Many naysayers were arguing that Hobby Lobby does not cover contraceptives. This is not true. They do cover contraceptives, before and after the court ruling. In fact, they already cover 16 of the 20 ACA required contraceptives. They just did not want to cover the abortion related items, such as the morning after pill.

Over the years, health insurance has really gotten out of hand with what is covered. Insurance was originally designed for sudden, expensive losses. If you look at your current homeowners or automotive insurance policies, do they cover first dollar items such as ‘maintenance’ or a plumber because you poured the wrong thing down the drain, again (vs. eating bad food over the years)? The answer is invariably a NO. Your employer is also not paying for your auto insurance or maintenance, even though you have to go to and from work, on time, every time.

The whole point here is that change is coming. Consumers need to become more responsible for their own health care. Being responsible will help conserve hard-earned dollars for everyone.

In the Hobby Lobby case, they are not covering anything less than they were before. The court ruling just showed that everyone still has a voice.

Hobby Lobby stood for something. If you do not stand for something, you will fall for anything, period. What do you stand for?

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