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Hobby Lobby's Steve Green wants Bible in school system

Steve Green......wants students studying the Bible in public schools.
Christian Post

Hobby Lobby President Steve Green wants to place Bibles back in public school systems in the United States, according to an article in the Christian Post today, Sunday, May 11. A pilot program involving the Bible is slated to begin in Oklahoma's Mustang Public School District high schools in the fall of 2014.

Green has become a towering figure in making the Bible available to more Americans since November of 2009 when he purchased his family's first biblical artifact. Green has been diligently working on increasing the size of what is called the Green Collection.

The Green Collection has quickly become one of the world's largest and newest private collectios of rare biblical texts and artifacts. His collection now includes more than 40,000 biblical anqituities with a copy of the first printed English Bible in America, the Aitken Bible.

But Green fortunately is not satisfied with accumulating Bibles and rare religious artifacts for his collection. He wants to do something which will reach eventually hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren. He wants to turn the tide of secularism which has been sweeping the country and make it permissible for the wisdom of the Bible to be shared as part of public school curriculum.

A test version of the elective Bible curriculum was recently presented to the board of the Mustang Public Schools by the Museum of the Bible which is a nonprofit organization. The Museum is expected to open its building near the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. in 2017.

The curriculum for the high schools will include the Bible's literary and historical context for the first year. That will be followed by a year each covering the history of the Bible, its narrative and its impact.

Approximately 70 international biblical scholars are engaged in the development of the curriculum.

Green is chairman of the board of the Museum of the Bible.

Several generations of American children have grown up with the belief prayers and Bibles don't belong in the public school system. They have never been taught what it means to pray or read a Bible.

Teachers have been persecuted in the American court systems for merely answering religious questions from students in their classrooms. As a result there has been an exodus of children from public schols into private schools and home schooling.

Because of the courage of a single man with considerable resources at his disposal, that may all change someday. Steve Green deserves the thanks of all the parents of schoolchildren in this nation who want their children to learn what faith is all about. Thank you, Steve Green!

It's not impossible. After all, Harvard and Yale were originally religious schools.

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