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Hobby Lobby Millionaire to fund pro-bible class

In Mustang, Oklahoma, Steve Green (of Hobby Lobby) has persuaded that city to have a bible course (developed by him) to supposedly teach about the Christian bible in an objective and academic fashion. But in a previous speech he stated that his objective was to teach about the bible that "it's true" or that "it's good" and would make such a class mandatory.

Now, whatever one feels about Mr. Green, his company or the bible, it is not the purpose of the government to teach any of those things about the bible. If the bible is taught, it should be taught objectively with no intent to make students religious or Christians.

Anyway, in a state where over 80% of residents state they are a Christian, why is the government, through Mr. Green, getting involved in promoting Mr. Green's personal religious beliefs? If an atheist billionaire like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, stated he was funding a public school class to teach students that the bible is not true and not good, there would be, correctly, a huge uproar.

There would be boycotts of Facebook. Why no outrage here? Christianity is very powerful in Oklahoma, it does not need the help of the government, nor wealthy individuals, to survive in the marketplace of ideas. If it does, then it isn't worth having, anyway.