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Hobby Lobby: God's own corporation

Hobby Lobby: a corporation based on the economics of exclusion?
Hobby Lobby: a corporation based on the economics of exclusion?

Let’s see a show of hands: How many of you would shop at a dry goods store that blasts heavy metal madness through its speakers, features products catering to the occult, and urges its employees to worship Satan as their Lord and Master? Okay, not so many hands. Now, how about a store that plays Middle Eastern or Asian music, prominently displays crafts with an Islamic or Hindu theme, and encourages its employees to take time to pray to Allah or Vishnu? Oh, a few more hands!
Now, supposing you found yourself shopping at a craft store that discouraged religious diversity in both its products and workers, was chockablock with Christian themes (including the background music) and yet operated as a non-religious for-profit corporation? Looks like a whole bunch of arms just shot up.
After all, this is America, where discrimination is officially frowned upon, unless it’s supported by evangelical Christianity. Then it’s okay.
Welcome to Hobby Lobby, the overtly Christian company disguised as a typical corporation.
If, as the bizarre Supreme Court decision known as “Citizens United” is correct and corporations are persons, then Hobby Lobby is a preacher. Which begs the question, aren’t preachers and their churches (in this case, Mount Vernon, Wash., where a new Hobby Lobby just opened its doors) legally supposed to be non-profit enterprises?
Our founding fathers and mothers must be spinning, sewing, and crocheting in their graves. America was born out of a desire to be free from religious oppression and persecution. And here we have a corporate chain of businesses whose sole purpose (other than to make tons of money off of folks who like to create cool stuff with their hands and imagination) would appear to be promoting the Gospel of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Or, more precisely, the twisted teachings of the Apostle Paul and utterly bewildering strictures of the Old Testament. According to the Hobby Lobby translation, of course.
Reports from around the country have poured in about Hobby Lobby’s aversion to gay patrons, non-Christians, and generally questionable types. Such intolerance might be tolerated in a private club or narrowly defined non-profit group. But in an official corporation registered in the Land of the Free?
That’s a notion that America shouldn’t buy.
What to do?
Boycott Hobby Lobby.
• Contact local government officials to begin the process of revoking Hobby Lobby’s corporate charter.
• Work to overturn the disastrous “Citizens United” decision.
The American flag is being unraveled by the very same sort of religious zealots that our ancestors fled from. Let’s not repair it at the expense of our spiritual freedom.

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