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Hobby Lobby and birth control: We won’t pay!

Hobby Lobby storefront
Hobby Lobby storefront
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Hobby Lobby has decided that the insurance that is offered to its employees will no longer pay for certain types of birth control due to the religious beliefs of the owner. This is a major blow to many people who are not ready for children yet or simply do not want to have any more. What is society to make of this decision?

Something that probably was not clearly explained is that Hobby Lobby’s biggest concern is the use of abortifacients. These are birth control methods that cause abortions, such as the morning after pills and the IUD. So, what does this mean for women?

If you need your insurance to cover birth control, do not work there. That may be an obvious statement, but make sure you know for whom you are working and for what they stand. A few years ago Chick fil A took a hit when the owner of the successful restaurant chain expressed his opinion about traditional marriage. Because he is a Christian, he is not an advocate for gay marriage, and this created havoc in the gay community. The independent business owner is becoming more prevalent in today’s job market, and what they think and believe in, now matters.

What do you tell your kiddos when they ask you why Hobby Lobby is making headlines? Perhaps it is time to give this some thought. If you have teenagers, they may be sitting by the television set when the news comes on, debating on how fair this decision really is. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Make sure you explain to them what abortifacients are. This particular kind of birth control is very controversial.
  • Explain to them the benefits of safe birth control for those who do believe that using it is acceptable and the importance of being responsible.
  • Try to enlighten them on freedom of speech and freedom of choice. Our country was built on the opportunity to be unrestricted and independent in thought. If what Hobby Lobby is doing is something that appears to be unfavorable to your current moral belief system, simply explain to them that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions. One of the great things about living in America is the right to believe whatever it is that you believe.

It appears that the Supreme Court is giving small business big power. With a low economy and people scrambling for jobs, this may not be good news to some. Just make sure you know for whom you are working before you sign on the dotted line. Just remember that knowledge is power. Ignorance is not necessarily bliss.

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