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Hob Nobble Gobble: a Thanksgiving fundraiser

One of the great traditions in Detroit is the Thanksgiving Day parade. Much beloved by our fair city's populace, it has become one of our city's greatest annual civic events, with only the fireworks and the (recently demised) State Fair for comparison. And yet, since Hudson's gave up sponsorship of this event years ago, funding for it has had to come from other sources. For this, the Hob Nobble Gobble event was started.

Hudson's Department store sponsored the parade for decades, but in the mid- 1970s began to try to find someone else to take over the reigns, which it succeeded in doing in 1979. After several years of other sponsors the Parade Company took over this responsibility. The parade Company, now twenty years old, is a not-for-profit company which runs both the Thanksgiving Day parade and the Freedom Festival fireworks. This non- profit, taking this massive event on every year, had to find a way to fund it. To this end they created a fundraising event known as Hob Nobble Gobble. This charity event was first held in 1989. For the first twenty years of its existence this galla event was held at the State Fair Grounds on the night prior to Thanksgiving. A black tie affair, money collected at this event goes to fund those events run by the Company, who despite a plethora of volunteers still requires large amounts of money to put on these spectacles. Ticket prices can range from a low of two hundred dollars for children to up to one thousand dollars for adults who get to meet celebrities invited to it. Carnival rides have been offered for a many years, as well as live musical entertainment. For example, the 2008 Hob Nobble Goble featured the musician Brandy as the musical guest.

This year's event broke with tradition. The 21st annual Hob Nobble Gobble was held on Saturday, November 20th at Ford Field. This change of location allowed even more carnival rides as well as use of its amenities, such as the JumboTron. This event featured the musical guest Shontelle, actress Jana Kramer, and several Olympic medal winners. This year's Hob Nobble Gobble carried on, despite this move, a now decades old tradition, bringing in money to fund one Detroit's most beloved events. The success of this years event has ensured that our parade (and fireworks) will continue for another year.


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