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Mark Seydel

H.O.A. = Hangout On Air, Google's way of TV. HOA's are live streamed events by G+ members.

From Google's Hangout on Air site:

Live streaming

Schedule broadcasts and go live in HD on Google+, YouTube, and your website. It will be recorded and automatically saved on your YouTube channel.

Live conversations

Host interactive conversations with people around the world. Take questions in advance from the community and answer the most popular ones live.

Live apps

Control when your participants are visible, adjust their audio and video, select who’s on the big screen, add custom banners, and more.

With more and more people discovering H.O.A's it is becoming more and more difficult trying to keep up with all of these great shows.

Mark Seydel has set out to feature all these amazing shows coming up as well as the once that already have been streamed. And yes, even after the shows have streamed you still can watch them, right there on YouTube.

On, Mark Seydel does not just have a Calendar displaying all upcoming shows but also develops an Archive to make it easier to find past shows.

The archive is sorted by category or names and for a premium even allows hosts to get their episodes featured by show.

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